hard drive locked ??????

  steve_rfc 07:59 02 Jul 2008

does anyone no how to unlock a laptop hard drive ?????

i got this laptop on the cheap for the kids but when i turn it on it asks for a password even before the window xp logo comes up

i cant even get into the bois setup or anything else on the laptop is there anything i can do with it ???

plz plz plz help cheers

  Diodorus Siculus 08:08 02 Jul 2008

That's a bios password - the way to change it depends on the model / make of the laptop.

Post the details and someone may be able to offer a solution.

  ronalddonald 08:11 02 Jul 2008

The only way i know is to reset the bios password by resetting the cmos or taking out the cmos battery. Or go back to where you got it from and ask them for the password.

its easy to reset the bios on a desktop but a laptop, look on you-tube to find out how. And dont foget to ground yourself. Its going to be fiddly and personally ive never donreit myself but other people have and posted it on you -tube.

Good luck!

  ronalddonald 08:13 02 Jul 2008

is the password the laptop request one or the windows one. If it sthe windows one then there are posts just do a search on the forum using helproom and abslute beginers.

Good luck.

  steve_rfc 08:22 02 Jul 2008

laptop: asus
model: x50rl-ap540p
o/s : xp pro

  Diodorus Siculus 10:56 02 Jul 2008

As above, you may need to take the CMOS battery out after unplugging from the mains and removing the power battery.

Also, google for Asus laptop bios password.

  steve_rfc 18:56 02 Jul 2008

can i reflash the bios ???? if so how ??

  karmgord 20:51 02 Jul 2008

Some laptops such as HP have a separate chip soldered onto the mainboard for password protection which removing the bios battery won't remove,this makes it difficult ,if not impossible to use the laptop if it happens to be stolen by theiving scum or anyone who buys a stolen laptop, of coarse I realise this is not the case here but that is why it's done!Also I would recommend password protecting the hard drive.

  steve_rfc 21:02 02 Jul 2008

is there any way i can get this sorted ????

  karmgord 21:05 02 Jul 2008

ask the seller for the password?

  MAT ALAN 21:08 02 Jul 2008

click here

whatever you do is going to have to be similar to this....

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