hard drive light

  [email protected] 00:48 26 Jun 2007

hi, i have just rebuilt my system, i have a new model number makes unimportant for my question, i am only use to my compaq where everything has dedicated leads and plugs, so this is a little new to me, right my niggle.
the new case has a fan at the front, which doubles as the power light, this is connected to the fan control on my psu, when the temps rise the fans increase, this is all working fantastically, the problem i have is on the new mobo the front panel connector is a 9 pin standard l shape
1st pin - not used
2nd & 3rd power switch
4th & 5th reset
6th & 7th power led (heres the problem, im guessing, nothing to plug in here)
8th & 9th hdd light

so everything is connected by 2 pin spade connectors, except the power led, and the problem is i dont have the hdd activity light, i think because the circuit is open,
my question: can i put a jumper over the power led pins and will this make the hdd light work?
or blow the mobo? it's something i can live without, it's just the one niggle my first build has.
many thanks

  [email protected] 00:50 26 Jun 2007

'i have a new motherboard model number unimport...'

  umbongo(uk) 01:14 26 Jun 2007

Do not short out the pin with a jumper it dosent need it as the signal is for a l.e.d only ! to show activitie . some sata drive setups dont use this bear this in mind unless it worked beforhand

But try the spade either way round ie red/black then black/red
most likley if you tried both of the above the L.E.D is dead

also go to the manufacturers site n read the mobo layout plan it will show u the correct plug in procedure of the pins and the first thing to check when ever fiddling with you system so you have the knowledge/documents to fall back on as most prebuilt systems come with only a basic manual as they dont expect you to fix them

  ambra4 01:31 26 Jun 2007

Led only work if the + & - is correct if not working just change the leads around

  [email protected] 02:06 26 Jun 2007

god, im so glad i didnt try the jumper on the pins thing! i had it on the wrong way round! i was sure i had tried it both ways but i finished it at 5 in the morning so probably wasnt at my best, thanks very much for the help guys.

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