Hard Drive "L" Power Connector

  Sebby 20:13 15 Aug 2006

This is a bit of a strange request. I have just replaced the power supply in a computer. However, it is somewhat larger than the old supply, and now the DVD drive cannot go back enough to be flush with the front of the case due to it hitting the PSU.

Is there such thing as an "L" shape power adaptor? The power plug accounts for quite a bit of space behind the DVD drive, and if there's some kind of "L" shape adaptor, I reckon the drive will go back enough.

Many thanks in advance.

  amonra 20:50 15 Aug 2006

Can you drop the DVD drive down to a lower slot ?
I had a similar problem some time ago and had to re-jig all the drives and eventually lose the floppy.

  Sebby 22:39 15 Aug 2006

Unfortunately not. There's only 2 slots and they're both by the PSU.

  De Marcus™ 22:48 15 Aug 2006

Without spending too long on google I came across something that may work, a 90 degree molex should give you a bit more space, they're often used in small form factor cases where space is a premium. click here

  DieSse 23:00 15 Aug 2006

*Is there such thing as an "L" shape power adaptor?*

Yes there is - I've actually seen some. But I can't find any on the web right now.

  DieSse 23:09 15 Aug 2006

I spent ages looking and didn't find those :-(

  De Marcus™ 23:41 16 Aug 2006

lol, did you use the term 90 degrees' in your search terms?

  Sebby 23:52 16 Aug 2006

I'm not sure if they are exactly what I'm looking for (I can't tell from the picture). I'll give them a call tomorrow. :-)

  Sebby 23:54 16 Aug 2006

I've just found this site - click here - and I think this is actually what that product sold by Fleetwood Computers is, so not what I'm looking for. :-(

  Sebby 00:02 17 Aug 2006

Okay, some success - click here.

  DieSse 00:05 17 Aug 2006

If your objective is a shorter power connector, with cables that go off at 90º - then it's exactly what you need.

I know they're using them for a slightly different application in your link - but you can also use them just how you need too - just look at the pics and you'll spot how.

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