Hard Drive Keeps Driving

  SABRE 07:55 05 Sep 2003

After boot up my hard drive goes ten to the dozen for some time and eventually settles a bit. However, even when the PC has been left on for a while the drive lamp still shows considerable activity. Should I be worried and how can I find out what the cause is?

  powerless 07:58 05 Sep 2003

Have you defragged latley?

Scanned for a virus?

What operating system are you using?

Th drive will kick in after a while when the computer has been idle.

  Bodi 08:22 05 Sep 2003

I know on older model computers, when the hard drive was "chunting" away it used to be because the machine probably needed more RAM memory.

How much memory do you have? Putting in an extra stick, may cure your problem.


  SABRE 09:21 05 Sep 2003

Hard drive regularly de-fraged.
Norton anti-virus up to date and functioning.
Win XP home.
Machine upgraded about a year ago to AMD 1.7 Mhz with 256 RAM.
This happened a couple of years ago on my old machine and out of nervousnes I re-formatted my hard drive and re-loaded everything. Bloddy pain in the rear but it seemed to stop it.

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