Hard Drive Jumpers

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I use the slave drive (D:) to do a total backup of the master drive (C:). However, the master is showing signs of age, if I change the jumper settings around on both hard drives so that master becomes slave and slave becomes master, will the "new" master simply boot up and display the windows desktop view as normal or do I need to make changes to the BIOS ? (They both run W98)

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It really depends on which program you used to back-up with ..If its just a backup file then no .If its an image you could create a partion to sepetae the image from the rest of the hd (partition magic) making sure its not the bit with your image data on .then run the image with the startup floppys for image software rescue( created when you install the image software like Drive image /ghost etc Or if you have a CDRW drive you can transfer the image file to Cdr and run from there

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A good idea too is to change where they appear on the data cable. The new master should be on the end of the data cable and the new slave on the middle connector. Go into the bios on start up and make it detect the drives i.e highlight the master and press return and do same with slave....using a old drive for backup is tempting providence.


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you could also do drive to drive transfer (using drive image or ghost etc you would then over- wright the existing image with an exact copy of the current c: drive then simple matter of just revering positions & change jumpers to suit M/S and then boot.

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The best way to do this is: Reformat the D: drive and then reboot to windows. Now go to Start, Run and type in xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c d: and press enter. When that has finished disconnect the C: drive altogether and switch the jumpers so that D: is now master. You will need to go into the BIOS to detect the hard drives again. Save and exit.

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would "Drive Copy" be as good as "Drive Image" ?

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but does have partition table limitation see its notes before starting.. You could use xcopy as above ..But it sometimes throws up errors ..

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