Hard Drive Issues - External Drive

  RobCharles1981 21:45 14 Oct 2015

I need advice here.

One of my Internal Hard Drives was playing up and running real slow I think it was the same issue in the I've placed into my thread Here:

click here formatted this drive as I knew I had backed up the image of this drive using EausTodoBackup Free Edition the day before and it told that the image backed up successfuly onto my external drive.

I had then brought another hard drive to replace the current one but that was faulty so had to rma it back to ebuyer for a replacement.

So I the ran a recovery program EasuUS Data Recovery to recover my files which saw all my files and I recoverd them over to the external drive. Took a while, but when It was done I needed to look through what it found. Then the Drive wasn't recognised!!!

When I went into event viewer click here that's what's telling me, and I've tried a chkdsk on it to repair the "Bad Sector" and it's on going and I gave up so unless there is another way of going about this?

At the moment I've ran another recovery on the internal drive and I'm currently saving the recovered files on another external drive. Again this taking a bit of time.

So my question is this, is my external drive the one showing this error on its way out? I've had this drive for 3 Years it was replaced by Novatech.

And would there be any ways to try and get to the data on that drive?

I am currently thinking on running HDD Regenerator from Hirens Boot CD to see if that would fix it, or I could format the drive and try and run a recovery program on this drive.

I've also ordered a spare Hard Drive to use this to recover the data more efficently.

Any input welcomed. Thanks Rob


  RobCharles1981 07:27 15 Oct 2015

Getting all the data now but running into another snag some of my picture files have become corrupt is there a tool that I can use to repair them?

  RobCharles1981 23:47 16 Oct 2015

I'm not going to bother if no ones wants to help out.

  wee eddie 01:44 17 Oct 2015

Rob, you will need to wait until someone who has an answer drops by.

  mole1944 05:41 17 Oct 2015

RobCharles1981 as wee eddie say you'll have to wait till someone drops by and with remarks like you made you'll be lucky to get help.

  bumpkin 12:47 17 Oct 2015

You could try click here

  RobCharles1981 21:15 17 Oct 2015

Right Updates:

  1. I tried to access the drive in Ubunto (Linux) And this is what I get:

href here in the My Computer: href here Disk Management: href here

Looking In

  RobCharles1981 21:24 17 Oct 2015

Woops Take 2.....

Update 1: When trying to access the Drive in Ubunto I get this message: href here Drive In My Computer And Disk Manager: href here run to test a scan with EasUS and sees all the info!

The [URL=


  rdave13 21:46 17 Oct 2015

Use the direct link in Photobucket to copy and paste here.

  rdave13 21:48 17 Oct 2015

Use the square icon for image link instead of the world orb with arrow on top or the reply box.

  RobCharles1981 23:23 17 Oct 2015

Hi rdave13.

This is what happens when I attempt to open the drive in Ubunto click here in Windows Disk managment: click here Drive Is "Raw"

All The Images on that Drive I can see in Eause Data Recovery are there

Would like to know how to get at them in order to recover them.

And The

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