Hard Drive Interface

  ms6869 21:09 15 Mar 2008

I have a faulty hard drive at least i think i do, It started ages ago performing disk checks and finding null sectors etc etc, I have reinstalled windows (XP) several times and it works for a while and then fails again. This leads me to believe that it is the hard drive "losing information" Sometimes it won't even boot up, yet the other day i booted from XP disc again, reinstalled windows and it worked or couple of days and now won't boot up again.
It seems to me that if you format the drive and reinstall windows the computer works fine until the hard drive is unable to access the information required to boot up etc.

Can anyone confirm this is definitely a hard drive problem.

The next question is i have check the system via windows and found the drive is a fujitsu MPG3409AH-E which doesnt mean a lot to me, i cant find a direct replacement, part is obselete so i have just taken the hard drive out and need to know what type of hard drive i need to be looking at to replace it with.
I found a fujitsu site stating the MPG3409AH-E was an ATA-5 40gb 7200rpm etc etc but i am struggling to understand exactly what that means and i don't seem to be able to find a similar atsa-5 drive. Can anyone help and tell me what would be compatible?

  ms6869 21:21 15 Mar 2008

I forgot to sat the hard drive has 4 power pins, 39 pins for connecting to the pc and 9 pins for selecting master/slave etc.

Does this help anyone decide what type it is?

  Technotiger 21:42 15 Mar 2008

The replacement does not necessarily need to be Fuji, and ATA-5 hard-drive would work, any 3.5" drive would work ... click here
the faster the rpm, i.e. 7200rpm the better.

  Technotiger 21:42 15 Mar 2008

Ooops ... for and - read, any ...

  Technotiger 21:47 15 Mar 2008

Or from Novatech UK click here

  Technotiger 21:48 15 Mar 2008

Or even ... click here

  ms6869 22:00 15 Mar 2008


Sorry if i seem a bit slow...

I understand it doesn't need to be a Fujitsu, my concern was more about the interface ata-5 i didn,t know if you could still get this style of hard drive or if there was a different ata number that i should be looking for.

You say any 3.5" drive would work, does it not matter how it connects to the motherboard or am i misunderstanding something.

Please can you explain the compatability further.

  ms6869 22:05 15 Mar 2008


Looking at your replies is the ATA-100 the same as the ATA-5?

  woodchip 22:08 15 Mar 2008

The drive as Bad sectors you need a new drive , OR it could be BAD Ram

  Technotiger 22:09 15 Mar 2008

Yes ATA-100 is ATA-5 compliant. The actual fittings are standard with the drives.

  Technotiger 22:11 15 Mar 2008

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