Hard Drive Interface

  mikejd1972 21:22 19 Jul 2004


I am currently thinking of getting a quieter PSU, but Im not sure what type will be compatible with my hard drive.

I have a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 6Y120L0 120GB Ultra - ATA/133. Sorry if this is a simple question to some but do I need a PSU with IDE or SATA cables/interface?



  Night Ryder 22:04 19 Jul 2004

The power supply does not have IDE or SATA connections. These data connections are made between the drives and mother board. The power supply just supplies the power to the various devices on the computer including the mother board itself. The power supply required depends on the type of mother board you have. Safest bet is to get yourself a pentium power supply. This supply will have all the connections you require. If yours is not a pentium processor, don't panic this supply will still work. You will just have one connector (the four pin square connector) spare. If it is a pentium mother board this extra square connector has a cocket on the mother board.

  mikejd1972 22:10 19 Jul 2004

Now I feel a fool! Cheers!!!! I have an Athlon motherboard, ASUS A7N8X-VM. Still learning... So any PSU then, just got to get the right size for my case (micro one by MESH) and quiet too!

  Night Ryder 23:30 20 Jul 2004

The good thing about this forum is that there is a mix of people posting with varied experience and experteese. You should not feel foolish as your question however simple is valid if you dont know the answer. There are one or two exeptions I've witnessed where people return blunt and sometimes inpolite responces but these are few and between. For the system you have I would look for a 350 to 400 wat power supply.

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