hard drive installation, help plse.

  [DELETED] 12:29 07 Aug 2003

Hi.... P.Bell P4 running Me.
excuse my ignorance and I feel sure its been featured before, but could anyone help me with the following proposal...
I have purchased a second hard drive 80gb and I intend to fit this in place of my existing 40gb hard drive. I have taken a copy of the existing C drive using Acronis True image. (20 disc's in total 16 hours in the making, successfully completed???). I feel I have enough info to format the new drive and set up a C partition. If running in the copied disc's causes problems I have a floppy boot disc and a set of re-install windows disc's supplied with the computer.. I have 'Partition Commander' which I will use to cut up the disk.......So far so good?
At a later date I would like to fit the 40gb drive back in to the computer as a slave to the new drive....Now I come to the part where I get lost. Will the second drive be visible with its existing partitions C..D..E?, will it cause any problem with the OS of the new disk also with partitions C.D.E.? Can I copy files from in old drive on to the new drive using drag and drop, or does it need to be done in dos, with the xcopy command...... As a silver surfer I am very short on peer help, and with one PC at my disposal, if it all goes wrong,.well you can see the problem !.

  [DELETED] 12:37 07 Aug 2003

I have installed hard drives before and am wondering why you backed up the original hard drive

Just change the jumpers on the back of the original hard drive to slave and the jumpers on the new one to master (check the back of the hard drive for info or tell me what it is)

Then add the new hard drive and format it under windows or with bundled software it should install easily

Then all ypu have to do is transfer the existing drive to the new one and you are off

Possibly you can reformat the old one to be more storage

  SANAP 12:38 07 Aug 2003

U seem to gone to an awful lot of trouble and maybe u could have fitted the new drive as a second hd and copied everything over but...

Anyway have a look on here about drive letters allocation.

click here


  [DELETED] 12:44 07 Aug 2003

What manufacturer of drives do you have


  xania 14:21 07 Aug 2003

I agree with SANAP, but will go one step further. As you have a partition manager, don't bother with those 20 disc's. see my response to click here

  [DELETED] 14:28 07 Aug 2003

Will the second drive be visible with its existing partitions C..D..E?

No they will become D, E, F

will it cause any problem with the OS of the new disk?

Nope. You PC will only boot from the C drive unless you specifically tell it otherwise.

Can I copy files from in old drive on to the new drive using drag and drop,

Yes but only things like Documents. You can't drag and application over to the new disk or drag the entire disk contents over.

  [DELETED] 14:46 07 Aug 2003

thanks for your help guys.. 'Phoenix-one'..the new drive is Maxtor 80gb 7000revs 8mb cache. the original is a 40gb western, 5200 revs ?, the idea behind the new drive is that when I attempt to capture video digital footage, the existing editing system has problems., Hopefully that will improve with a faster drive. I think you missed the point in the original post which asked how do you copy from one drive to another.?.... Operating system windows Millennium edition.
'Sanap' ... Many thanks ,have printed the information from your recommended website and will read it at my leisure. It seems to be telling me that if I introduce a second hard drive the lettering will be changed. I assume that I can interrogate the contents in the usual way.
I would still like some help with my original enquiry regarding copying..and in answer to another questions..Have you heard of 'belt and braces'. I should point out that the backup copy is a bit out of date, but useful in an emergency .

  [DELETED] 14:57 07 Aug 2003

The reason I was asking you about the hard drive make is because I was trying to getyou some software for formating it
but im too late

  [DELETED] 15:18 07 Aug 2003

You could have saved yourself an immense amount of trouble by going to the Maxtor website - this one -
<click here>
and downloading the MAXBLAST 3 utility and used this
to copy the entire original old drive to the new drive then made whichever one you want to me the master drive and the other slave. Its so easy.

  [DELETED] 15:23 07 Aug 2003

.....should read "whichever one you want to be the master drive.....etc. " The copying of one drive to the other should take less than 30 minutes.

  [DELETED] 15:25 07 Aug 2003

Jester2k11.. That's just the info I was looking for, can I assume that program files and applications are unable to tie up with the register.? It was a thought which had crossed my mind.
Xania.. I had the same thought with the 'commander' copying partitions, but having spent 16hrs creating my disc's I was intrigued to see if I have been wasting my time..

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