Hard drive install on MESH PC

  User-8010E2E0-B7E8-4D23-AB7C92BE4D79C246 14:24 12 Dec 2004

About a year ago I purchased a new MESH PC, which came with a 160GB hard drive, enclosed in their 2 tone (black and white) case.

I am beginning to run out of space on this drive now, and was thinking of adding another hard drive to the system. However, upon closer inspection inside the case, I've found the hard drive to be held by brackets, which slide into a cage. Sorry if this isn't explained so well, but anyone who owns one will hopefully know what I am talking about.

My question is how can I install a new hard drive now? I've tried searching for these brackets, but haven't had any luck so far. I've tried emailing MESH, but all I got was an automated response, and nothing after that.

Could someone please shed light on this matter?


  jack 14:35 12 Dec 2004

Speaking without particular knowledge of MESH but of PC's in General[and there is no reason to think that a MESh is other wise]
There are two sizes of drive bay 5.25 wide and 3.50 wide.
PC hard drives are in the latter catagory.
a bay adaptor, is a normal piece of kit available
from components suppliers. try click here for one or get a copy of MicroMart from your news agants for lots more

  JIM 14:42 12 Dec 2004

http:---//----click here is that for dough?-

  jack 14:46 12 Dec 2004

Yus Guv -Lolly
about a couple of beer tokens plus postage.

Actually if you are a DIY'er you could with thought
a Cat food tin[preferable washed] strong scissors, a big nail, double sided tape. knock something up.
At this level computers are not that particular.
Think blocks of rubber/double sided tape/etc.,
If the machine is just going to sit around, nothing is going to move is it.

  jack 14:48 12 Dec 2004

The link there is a UK branch
try click here

  jack 14:49 12 Dec 2004

The link there is a UK branch
try click here

Had a look at those links, but I don't think I'm explaining the problem correctly. If I can, I'll try to get a photo of what these brackets look like.

  It's Me 17:07 12 Dec 2004

You could try contacting Davey at Mesh via Email. You will find his address in one of the threads concerning Mesh if you search.

Thanks for that suggestion mate! ;)

  MESH Support 09:33 13 Dec 2004

I had already responded to your email before I noticed your posting here, but as the information is valid for all with that particular case I think it best to post here too.

The brackets themanwithapc is referring to are not the standard AT style adapters jack refers to, although they easily could have been.

The brackets are screwed to the hard drive in the traditional way but whilst outside of the case. The hard drive then clicks into place without the need for further screws. Not quite a screwless case but making the fitting of a hard drive a small bit easier.

The extra brackets should be found screwed to the inside of the side panel that is removed to access the inside of the case. If there are none there you can contact me at [email protected] and I will send some more. Please remember to include your serial number so I can ensure that I am sending for the correct case.


Mesh Support

  It's Me 16:07 13 Dec 2004

Thank you for that kind thought. It is starting to be a thought that i might add a third HDD (not a SATA), and that will be helpfull.

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