Hard drive humming

  seventiesdolly 13:28 21 Jun 2006

I've just noticed a low humming noise coming from my hard drive. I thought it was someone mowing their lawn outside! It's not overly loud, and stops if I gently tap the casing. Should I be worried?
The whole pc is less than a year old.

  amonra 13:43 21 Jun 2006

Are you sure it's the HD ? Sounds more like something resonating in tune with the cooling fans, ie. some leads touching the fan casing ??? If you are confident enough, have the side off the computer and move leads gently and poke things GENTLY with a plastic biro.

  SANTOS7 13:48 21 Jun 2006

Had exact same prob a couple of weeks ago turned out to be a noisy fan, tested similar to amonra's instructions had side panel off stopped suspect fan,
no noise, changed fan job done..
will still be worth doing as a process of elimination....

  seventiesdolly 14:22 21 Jun 2006

Hmm...not confident in poking about, so does this mean an angst ridden trip to pc world?

  amonra 11:10 23 Jun 2006

Not a very difficult job, any competent teenager could do it. If you can use a screwdriver then no problem! Switch off the computer, then take the side off so that you can see the inside bits and pieces. Switch the computer back on and look for a fan whirring away either straight in front of you, or possibly on the side. When you have located the fans, press a plastic biro on the case of the fan and listen to see if the noise changes, to be certain, stick the biro into the fan blades. It will make a terrible noise before it stops but that will rule it out completely. ? By a process of elimination you should be able to pinpoint the source of the noise. According to Sod's Law, the noise will stop immediately you have the side off the case, but anyway, come back to this forum and someone will give you more advice as how to procede further. Good luck.

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