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  dazzlet2004 13:08 05 Sep 2006

hi i was recently at a computer fair ner where i live and i purchased a hard drive as my hard drive is on its last legs. i put the hard drive into my machine ready to format and to install windows. the hard drive is picked up in dos and on the startup scan but for some reason is unable to be formatted as it says there is no acess to the disc drive. i put my origianl hard drive back in and put the new one as a slave in order to brows it or to format it. when windows started up (windows xp pro) it said new hardware found generic disc drive and the brand and it said it is ready to use but the drive does not appear in teh my computer i can not run (drive letter) as no letter works. neither does the drive appear in computer management in administrative tools. please could somebody help me and shed some light on whey my pc finds the drive but cannot use it ata ll many thanks daz

  Diversion 14:12 05 Sep 2006

I recently put a Maxtor 300GB H/D in my PC, but I had to go to the Maxtor website to download a program that both initialized and formatted the drive for me. Maybe you will have to do the same.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:14 05 Sep 2006

My computer - right click - manage - disk managment.

should show in disk management right click to format.

  dazzlet2004 11:31 06 Sep 2006

the drive does not show up in the disk management could you please tell me what the prog was you had to download and i will give that a go thanks

  billyliv 12:27 06 Sep 2006

Hi, The program that Diversion refers to is 'Maxblast' this is downloadable from the 'Maxtor' website. If the hard drive that you are trying to get working isn't a 'Maxtor' hard drive then it wont set up your hard drive. Look at the make of your hard drive and note the model no. then visit the makers website and you should be able to download the tools needed to set up your drive. (if it isnt ancient). Cheers, Bill.L.

  Strawballs 12:46 06 Sep 2006

Have you set the jumper to master or CS? because if only one and set to slave windows will not access it.

  xania 13:15 06 Sep 2006

Did you FDISK the new drive to set up the partition. You will need to do this before you can format it.

  dazzlet2004 14:42 06 Sep 2006

yes my hard drive is a maxtor drive i have downloaded the maxblast4 prog but it does not work for the drive it says that it is going to do it then it just says error. i have tried to fdisk the hard drive but i can not as it does not have a drive letter assigned neither can i assign one. the boot up sequence finds the drive and also when it is in the pc as a slave drive windows picks it uop installs the software and says that it is ready to use but i can not find the drive anywhere tho it does appear in device manager any other ideas please i am getting desperate

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:29 06 Sep 2006

Take it back!

If it won't show in disk manager then its faulty on the first track 0.

Recently had a thread over 200 pots long for someone wishing to regain data off a drive thant showed exactly the same symptoms.

You could try: disconnect main drive (so as not to format that)
connect new drive as master, boot from bootable floppy and attempt to fdisk and format

  Diversion 16:54 06 Sep 2006

I used Maxblast4 on my slave drive; if you are planning on installing it as Master drive you may have to first install it as a slave drive. Then run Maxblast4 to initialize and format the drive, and then take out your C: drive and change your Maxtor drive to master. If you are putting the other hard drive back in change that to slave with the jumper pins. And don't forget to alter the sequence on the IDE lead connection. Then it will be C: drive ready to install your O/S.

Regards D

  xania 08:50 07 Sep 2006

You don't need a drive letter to fdisk a hard disk. Merely boot-up then run fdisk, and select the drive. You need to set up a single or a series of partitions and then you will be able to format them and your OS will allocate letters once you've rebooted. However, if you have a Partition Manager (Partition Magic) that will also do the job for you.

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