Hard Drive has packed up

  worf007 08:15 08 Jul 2008

Hi, my second hard drive (D drive) that I use for videos, music and photos has packed up. I have to hard drives on my PC, C drive and D drive, fortunatly C drive still works but it looks like it's on it's way out too as everything is running very slow. When I click on D drive it says "The disc in D drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" I can't open it. Is there anything I can do to recover the info on D drive and what should I do about C drive?

  jack 08:27 08 Jul 2008

Take out 'D' and 'dangle' the New one in its place,
Format and partition.
Transfer total content of 'C' to it.
Remove old 'C'
fix in new which Windows will call C&D
Run machine on new partitioned drive.
At your leisure transfer stuff.
If the old D is still showing nmothing.
click here

Do a google for file recovery programs here is one example
click here

  norman47 08:30 08 Jul 2008

Go to the manufacturers website of your D drive and download some diagnostic tools like click here to test your drive. these for example are for seagate hard drives.

If the drive comes back with no fatal errors. Try test disk click here. It may recover the files and the hard drive.

Get yourself a new bigger hard drive as soon as.

  ambra4 12:00 08 Jul 2008

Do a chkdisk on both drives you can than save the data that you need to a external drive or dvd and

than replace the drive with a larger drive

Open My Computer folder and right click on the Slave Drive – Click Properties – Click Tools Tab –

Click the Check Now button in the Error Section and select both section in the next display and
click Start.

This will do a complete chkdisk on the slave drive and fix any problems on the drive

  woodchip 12:06 08 Jul 2008

yes check disc is the way I would go

  kalignorgna 12:56 08 Jul 2008

get hirrens cd go to hdd section run hdd repair on D: and it will scan/find and recover bad hdd sections this will take a long time so be prepaired to wait. it the HDD is in very bad shape can take days for HDD repair to work its magic. type it in to google as I dont know the web address

  ronalddonald 14:12 08 Jul 2008

you keep a back of files on external drive or a pen drive. If you did then replcae the hd in your machine. If you didnt then do what woodchip and kalignorgna have suggested.

It could worthwhile that invest in a new pc that uses sata drives and you could get a faster machine due to the duo celeron that are available.

try click here

and cougar extreme for computers. or even get a dell just a suggetion

  ronalddonald 14:14 08 Jul 2008

if the hard isnt repairable then try click here for hard drives and or even click here

good luck and best wishes and i hope everything works out fine

  gavin-bewley 19:32 08 Jul 2008

It sounds like the hard disk is being recognised which means it probably isn't completely dead. Have you had a power cut or otherwise had the computer turn off while writing to the disk? It could just be that something has screwed up the disk tables. I'd firstly check as others have described using checkdisk, or boot the computer with a Linux live cd (like click here) and see if it recognises the drive. Linux seems to be more tolerant of errors on drives.

If you can't see the disk then, restore from backups if possible (or try disk recovery tools) and then try to reformat the drive so at least you don't have to buy a new disk. If that doesn't work I'd check out click here for a new hard disk.

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