hard drive full and no space to do anything...

  athenrye 19:22 29 Jan 2013

hot on the heels of my earlier question about recover to a factory settings from partitioned hard drive that I cant access...

I decided that I would delete some programmes and move all photos and videos and docs to a removable HD, once I had done this my hard drive which is 32.5 GB still shows only half a gig space left, the same as before

when I do properties on the folders in the drive I can only find about 12GB, so why is it showing no space, ive deleted and tried to defrag as well, not sure it worked, I cant download anything like new anti virus as there isn't any space!

what next?

  finerty 19:37 29 Jan 2013

Why dont you purchase Acronis and buy a bigger drive clone the drive over nd then the drive on the computer you can delte the stuff yo have cloned

  athenrye 19:50 29 Jan 2013

hi finerty its a friends laptop, in a bad state, doing a cheap factory reset, so don't want to buy software or hardware to fix it, cant seem to get in tot he recovery factory reset software for some reason, that was my forst post earlier...


so im now trying to wife some space clear from the HD to enable it to perform a wee bit better for little cash as its a vista with 1GB ram and on its last legs!

any cheap advice out there?

  H Dresser. 20:37 29 Jan 2013

Firstley download and run a free programm of treesize from here


It wil,tell you the size of your folders and files

Then download and run CCleaner from here


run this programm to clean out the temporery rubish.

This is also free and both are small in size.

Also check the size of your system restore folder. It does not need to be over 1000Mb

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