Hard Drive Full?

  Legslip 11:54 14 Nov 2010

A pals laptop has ground to a halt and the C Drive properties shows the drive as being completely full. I open Win Explorer and tick 'show hidden files and folders' but I can't find what is chewing it up. There is nothing of massive size. Any ideas? I am suspecting possible Malware but there is no room on the drive to load an anti Malware prog.

  rdave13 12:15 14 Nov 2010

If you can squeeze WinDirStat on; click here it should show what's eating the hdd. Be careful with the program as you can delete vital system info.
Could be a backup program gone a bit haywire?

  gengiscant 12:37 14 Nov 2010

Reduce the size of system restore which will clear out some space to enable you to have a proper look around. Use something like this click here might help.

  Legslip 11:34 15 Nov 2010

Thanks people. The drive is a 55gb drive and it is in Win Expl showing 300mb free (it's full!). Ran WinDirStat and it shows C:\ as being a 27gb Drive. ?????
It also shows Windows taking 15.6gb which seems a bit on the large size to me. The hogger in Windows is Sys 32 folder @ 6gb.

Services-Computer Management also shows it as a 55gb drive with a couple of very small partitions, probably system recovery.

One clue may be that when looking at the C:\ drive 'View' is set not to display hidden files. If I tick the button to do so, it doesn't appear to carry out the instruction and reverts back to 'do not show hidden files'.

Getting frustrated with the problem. Any elp?

  Jollyjohn 12:08 15 Nov 2010

Have a look in C:\Windows folder. Any folders with blue text starting $NTUninstall can safely be deleted. They are leftover from windows updates.
As mentioned above reduce System restore or even switch it off briefly.
Download and install CCleaner if you can and run the cleaner option - this will remove temporary internet file.
In the tools section you can also remove all but 1 system restore points.

  Legslip 13:13 15 Nov 2010

Jollyjohn. Where are you looking at the Windows folder? In Explorer or via WinDirStat?

  Legslip 13:20 15 Nov 2010

Have run CC Cleaner as instructed. No difference.

Think it may be something to do with hidden files, but I can't see 'em.

  birdface 13:29 15 Nov 2010

Using W/7 with very little on it uses over 27Gb on my computer.
Windows XP with all of their updates must use a fair amount as well.

  Jollyjohn 13:43 15 Nov 2010

In Windows Explorer.
How much did CCleaner remove?

  Legslip 13:58 15 Nov 2010

JollyJohn. Sorry didn't note that when run.
Still cant see hidden files.

  GaT7 13:58 15 Nov 2010

You can check if Hibernation is enabled & disable it if it is: XP click here / Win7 click here. In either case, check that the large hiberfil.sys file in the root directory has been deleted as well (will need to display hidden files & folders to see it).

Then delete old system restore files & Shadow copies: Win7 click here - access the link lower down 'To clean up all files on the computer'. If WinXP, delete the old SR files only click here.

Also look in the C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder & delete its contents - these are updates that Win Update has downloaded & installed. G

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