hard drive full

  marineX 02:32 01 Aug 2004

hard drive full ?
I am running ME and it says I am dangerously low on resources. I looked in my c drive and the pie shows I have used up all but a small amount of 20 gig harddrive. I can not understand where I have used it up. None of my files or programs are very large. we took off all pictures and anything unimportant. Can someone tell me why I am so full. Or what can I do to free up more space.

  powerless 03:01 01 Aug 2004

Run scandisk as it can correct free disk space errors. [if that is the problem]

Clean all temp folders.

  Night Ryder 03:06 01 Aug 2004

When did you last empty the recycle bin?

  Chegs ® 05:25 01 Aug 2004

Also,does not ME have a "System Restore" If it does,try deleting a few previous backups?

  marineX 13:02 01 Aug 2004

Thank you, I ran scandisc no help. I did restore. the pie shows that I have 20 gigs and only 1 1/2 free.
I also cleaned up temp files and recycle bin. I ran anti virus. I look at every file in their properties and none of them use much space.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 13:12 01 Aug 2004

as cheg says, do you have autobacup on, have you lots of bacups ? have you recently done a full system bacup? something similar to this happened to me, you may be able to see them in my docs if you clik it from dektop (i could) or do a search for [i think they;re named] bck files

hope this helps


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