Hard drive free disk space loss

  bgoodman4 17:58 07 Oct 2004

I am running Win 98 SE and have noticed a slow loss of free disk space. This seems to occur over time even if I am not downloading any new programs. I do create new files but they tend to be small and for the most part are deleted within a few weeks. What is especially puzzling is even when I delete the files I actually wind up losing more disk space rather than adding disk space. Any help and or explanation would be appreciated.

Win 98 SE, Dell Inspiron 7500, 196mg RAM, 6.3gig drive


  OwenLotts 18:01 07 Oct 2004

Do you have

a) Anti Virus installed
b) Any sort of restore software installed such as Goback or Second Chance??

  bgoodman4 18:28 07 Oct 2004

Yes, I have Goback Pro and Trend Micro AntiVirus & Firewall installed.

  Dorsai 19:07 07 Oct 2004

The space has to have gone somwhere.

Unless there is an incremental disk error taking place. (so run a disk checker)

Go back--could it be saving data, so you can 'go back' to before you deleted the files that only last a week or so??

The obvious first..

empty the recycle bin.

If you have norton, then delete norton protected files. (if you have it, and that is an option)

Other wise, try and work out what folder is slowly getting bigger. EG 'program files' or 'windows' etc..

  bgoodman4 21:03 07 Oct 2004

Thanks very much for the info. The obvious has already been done (and then some). GoBack as you say will clear shortly but I doubt that thats the source of the problem as the problem has been occurring for some extended time. Is there a program that will monitor file size increases that you know of? I cannot imagine how I could identify which of the many files on a PC is growing slowly manually.

  Dorsai 21:25 07 Oct 2004

The obvious has already been done (and then some)

So now we get to the esoteric.

Don't know your PC, But i have only a few files/folders in the root of C:

In fact, 6 folder, 2 files. (just checked)

Xp home, SP2.

So not too much to monitor manually to find which folder, were it my PC, that was eating all the pies (at least to start with).

But may-haps 98 Not so tidy.

But i never got 98, as i am afraid to say i found it rather objectionable. But others like it, so who am i to say?

But i suspect a bit of 'right click, properties' write it down, next folder/file required.

Either that or 'format-re-install'

It is there, the question is:- where?

  bgoodman4 23:30 07 Oct 2004

Thanks Dorsai, I will try.

  OwenLotts 08:43 08 Oct 2004

GoBack uses a fixed file size so you'll loose 4Gb after you install and then thats it. The size is the same even after you flush the history.

Can you give us a better idea of the amount of space you are loosing over what sort of time scale?

  bgoodman4 16:03 08 Oct 2004

My hard drive has lost .6 gigs over a 2 month period

  xania 16:27 08 Oct 2004

One area that can become over-inflated is the Temporary Internet folder. 6 Gigs is a lot, but, if you do a lot of downloading, over the weeks this can happen. Empty your folder by clearing your history and keep the number of days as low as possible.

  TomJerry 16:41 08 Oct 2004

empty rubbish bin

convert file format from FAT16 to FAT32 if you have nit done so.

I think small internet tem files did the trick on you

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