Hard Drive Formatting

  iamconfused 21:26 08 Jul 2007

I have bought an external hard drive.
WD MY BOOK PRO edition 11. 1TB
It is formatted FAT 32.
My existing two internal drives are formatted NTFS.
Will I be able to back up large NTFS files onto a FAT 32 drive or will this cause a problem.
I think that I would prefer to reformat the new drive to NTFS to match the existing.
Is there a problem and if NTFS is the modern format why is FAT 32 still used.

  SANTOS7 21:38 08 Jul 2007

Fat32 is still used to accommodate those PCs still running older O/S i asume.
As far as formatting a new HDD to NTFS
click here no problem what so ever...

  uesquebeathus 12:06 09 Jul 2007

I will be as simple as I can, Fat32 of which there are a few versions, can be accessed easier by many recovery software programs, it was the main File Alocation Table system until Windows NT which can only run in and read NTFS, then came Windows XP which can run in and read both. Windows Vista was to come out in a new version of NTFS but microsoft reneged on that as it was not really ready at the time of launching, the NTFS is supposed to save data in smaller blocks than Fat32, but the updated Fat32 Format tools can assign larger drives and now can be set to small blocks depending on size of drive but when you add in the data library which works with NTFS this occupies a huge slice of a hard drive. Ntfs has very few good recovery tools that are within a reasonable cost to the general public, I am not totally convinced NTFS is as good a system as some would like us to believe. Fat32 can now access large hard drives, as can Ntfs, the security of Ntfs has been hacked so many times lately that is now a false promise, some say that Ntfs drives last longer and are less prone to failure but Harddrives have a TTL which is almost a fixed detail and the drive will fail at that time whether Ntfs or whatever is used.

for more tech information
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  Strawballs 22:32 09 Jul 2007

11.1 TB that is one hell of a big drive.

  skidzy 23:23 09 Jul 2007

I think he means 1 Terabyte
Western Digital 1TB My Book Pro Edition II FW800/400/USB2 click here

Unless of course you are taking the .... ha ha.

  Strawballs 01:25 10 Jul 2007

That sounds more like it skidzy even that would take some defragging lol

  wee eddie 08:03 10 Jul 2007

Most folk just change the formatting to NTFS. There might even be instructions on how to do it with the drive or on their website.

As SANTOS7 and uesquebeathus have said: Currently most external drives come as FAT32 'cos it's easier to change from FAT32 to NTFS than is is to go the other way.

  iamconfused 21:33 11 Jul 2007

From iamconfused,
Many thanks for all your help.

  davieboyde 14:32 13 Nov 2007

I would like some advise regarding formatting my HP Compaq dx2000 mt i have 2 discs a restore one and operating system one but have not got a clue how to start also the procedure regarding getting my machine to its former glory (yes I'm sorry to admit as one gets older its hard to grasp the basics need help please

  wee eddie 18:04 13 Nov 2007

Start yourself a fresh Thread.

With a suitable title ~ a Précis of your problem.

What you have accidentally done is known as Hijacking a Thread, but I'm sure that it was unintentional.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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