Hard drive formatted but not partitioned

  pub 19:25 13 Jul 2007

I have been given a 40gb hard drive which has been formatted , but not partitioned.I think this is so because when I connected the hard drive as a slave , it did not show in `my computer` as a separate drive.Although it did recognise a hard drive had been connected.I connnected with a usb adapter.I have done this with other hard drives so I know the system is working.
How do I partition the hard drive ? I have been told I need to go into DOS on start up and do it from there.How do I get into DOS on start up and what happens next ? I am running Windows XP.
Thanks Chris

  Technotiger 19:50 13 Jul 2007

Only 40Gb - why do you need to partition. I run three hard drives 80Gb, 120Gb and 360Gb .. none are partitioned!

  leo49 20:06 13 Jul 2007

A HDD has to have at least one partition even if that partition encompasses the whole drive.Go into Disc Management and do it from there.

  Technotiger 20:54 13 Jul 2007

Sorry friend, that does not make sense. Once a hard drive is formatted, that's it, unless one then wants to create an extra partition(s), splitting the drive up into smaller sections/partitions.

  leo49 21:04 13 Jul 2007

I doubt that the drive has been formatted which would include creating a partition.Don't confuse " a partition" and partitioning.

  leo49 21:07 13 Jul 2007

As you probably know when you install an extra HDD,Windows detects it and asks you if you want to prepare it for use.This is a two stage process - the 2nd of which is creating a partition - this is the bit that I don't think has been done.

  lotvic 23:25 13 Jul 2007

Partitioning and Formatting a Second drive in Windows 2000/XP click here
provided the BIOS has recognised the drive ok then you need to first create a partition that can then be formatted with a file system (either FAT32 or NTFS) before you can store data on it.

  woodchip 23:34 13 Jul 2007

You cannot Format a Drive that does not have at least one Active partition.
As Above right click my computer\Manage\Disc Management. Make it active then Format the drive

  lotvic 23:49 13 Jul 2007

The only Active partition you have is the one with the Operating System (XP or Vista or W98se) and it will be the Primary Partition

click here ""Selecting the Active Partition:
If you partition your hard drive among multiple operating systems, one of the partitions is the active partition, the partition from which your computer starts. If you run Windows only, the primary partition is always active. In Windows XP you can change this behavior manually by selecting another partition as active using the Disk Management pane in the Computer Management window.

Right-click on the drive or the partition that you want to make active and select Mark Partition As Active from the menu that appears. You can only make this change to primary partitions. Extended partitions and logical drives cannot be made active. Only one partition is active at a time, so make sure it's a partition that contains a bootable operating system!""

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