Hard Drive Failure+No sound

  starslayer 17:17 04 Feb 2003

Hey all, thanks for response to yesterday's problem; couldn't reply because I'm having ISP problems, but the case wires seem to be licked. My new problem(s) are as follows:
I wanted to copy the contents of my old and fragile 4GB HDD to my new one. I installed it as secondary slave to an Asus CDRW, 'twas detected and all seemed well, but when I tried to access it I got the message "D:/ is not accessible. A device attached to the system is not functioning."
Does this mean the old drive is buggered, and is there any possible means of recovering my data other than the expensive companies I see advertised?
Second, having installed a Creative 5.1 card and the relevant software, I cant seem to get any sound from the CDRW when I play a music disc. I've plugged the sound lead from the CDRW to the card, but it also has space for three more; do I need another sound lead plugged into something else? Help appreciated... Almost there!

  DieSse 17:51 04 Feb 2003

Your old hard drive is unlikely to be drive D. Your main drive will be C - then normally will come the Cd-drive(s) - then the old hard drive.

When you look in My Computer - is it shown?? - if so the appropriate drive letter will be shown too.

You shouldn't need to plug in a sound cable - you shouold be getting digital sound across the data cable.

  Rayuk 18:14 04 Feb 2003

I thought that a 2nd drive would be D and any partitions on the first drive would jump to E etc then optical drives would follow.
Have you tried making it as slave to your main drive.

  DieSse 19:34 04 Feb 2003

Ah - it depends on the OS installed - am forgetting win9x already!!!

  starslayer 11:08 05 Feb 2003

and D was definitely shunted from CDRW to the old hard drive. I'm using W98 SE. Like I said, everything detects it, it sounds like it's spinning, and I took the jumper off the back (which I understand automatically sets it to slave).
I'll try to install it as primary slave, but I'm not so hopeful.
Will come crawling back for help if that fails!

  Rayuk 17:18 05 Feb 2003

Re jumper if you dont know for definite that removing it makes it a slave drive,leave jumper on as slave drive.

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