hard drive failure HELP!!!

  [DELETED] 10:36 21 Sep 2003

Hi,My friends daughters pc wont boot up and it asks for a floopy bootable disc,I insert the one I made from Windows and it says diagonistic tools loaded but then nothing,I worked out to run scandisk and that came back no errors although it showed2 bad clusters but it will not load!I dont know what else to type in or do?Ive tried starting it in safe mode but it wont!Help,I have an upset 12 year old who wants me to repair her pc!Its a n AMD Athlon 1300.Thanks

  [DELETED] 11:01 21 Sep 2003

What Operating System is it using?

  LastChip 11:02 21 Sep 2003

Which operating system?

  [DELETED] 11:03 21 Sep 2003

Asssuming your running ME or 98.
If so,put your boot disc in,boot the PC from it-do you get as far as the Help choice?If so select Help,scroll down to Scanreg/restore command-read the emntry-exit from help menu then at cursor type EXACTLY the scanreg command as it appears in Help,press enter-you should get a choice of which old registrys to reinstall,selrct one,enter pc should reboot and now might work properly...

  [DELETED] 19:16 21 Sep 2003

windows 98 can get help up thanks,needs some following to follow those instructions lol

  [DELETED] 19:49 21 Sep 2003

restart computer after putting in your original previous software then at dos command prompt you will be asked which bootable item do u want to start with cdrom,withoutcdrom orcommand prompt choose with help of cdsoftware then when u get to start start in safe mode then correct the problem in safe mode by going to setting from start to divise manager where u will see the problem then problem solved i hope!

  [DELETED] 18:39 24 Sep 2003

this hasn't worked Jomba it wont start in safe mode it just hangs after choosing with cd support

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