Is this a Hard Drive failure?

  Mezzo 20:29 20 Jul 2003

Hello again!

I have my cousins pc at mine now as it's not working. Its a TIME (263-G-82) running Windows 98. It shas an AMD-K6 400MHZ processor and 64K RAM.

When I start up the machine I get the following error message...

"Pri Master HDD Error
Press F1 To Resume"

When I press F1 it asks for the boot disk, which needless to say, I havent got (dont think he has either). I did notice that within setup there was no record of a hard drive.

Is there anything I can press before this error message comes up so I dont get stuck at the 'insert boot disk' prompt?

I've check all wires and they seem ok (hovered while I was there too!).

Thanks for any help.


  davidg_richmond 20:34 20 Jul 2003

Could be a corrupted File Allocation Table (FAT). If you have 98/ME create a boot disk in Add/Remove programs and run FDISK on the faulty machine, if it recognises the hard disk just repartition it and format. I don't know of any other way around this, maye others can help.

  woodchip 20:39 20 Jul 2003

Start up with the Win98 floppy disc and type at A:\ FDISK/MBR press enter then restart and see if it will enter windows

  Mezzo 20:43 20 Jul 2003

Ah, I dont have any disks at all for it. Is it possible to download a Windows98 bootup file from the net and burn the data onto a cd on my Dell, then use that in the broken machines cd-rom?

Its got an AMIBIOS by the way, if that info is of any use?

  davidg_richmond 20:46 20 Jul 2003

click here
Never tried it though so you're on your own...

  woodchip 20:50 20 Jul 2003

Use the disc that davidg_richmond posted and try the above first what I posted

  Mezzo 21:01 20 Jul 2003

ok. cheers guys. wont fdisk format the hard drive though? or is that unavoidable?

going to try and download the 98 boot disk now, and burn to cd. ill probably be posting on here tmrw from an internet cafe lol

  woodchip 21:08 20 Jul 2003

NO it restores the Master Boot Record

  woodchip 21:13 20 Jul 2003

You need to put it on a floppy disc, set the comp to boot from floppy and start with the disc

  DieSse 21:36 20 Jul 2003

The correct command is

fdisk /mbr

note the space between fdisk and /

It will not damage your drive or data, but simply rewrite a possibly corrupted vital bit of info at the start of the drive.

However, I have to say the message smacks of a hard drive failure.

  Mezzo 21:59 20 Jul 2003

tried a:\fdisk /mbr and it says 'no fixed disks present'? any ideas? thanks.

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