Hard Drive Failure

  lah101 13:25 30 Jun 2007

Help...I'm having problems with my hard drive.

I tried to switch my pc on one day when it wouldn't boot up properly. It went to a screen saying something along the lines of changes to the hardware / software were made...power failure etc... it gave a few options, restart from last know configuration that was working or if problem not know start windows as normal. I tried both options.

At one point it would get the next stage where you see windows on the screen but it would never get to the next stage of actually booting up. This happened once.

Now when trying to boot my pc up it gets to the error screen and no matter which option I choose it restarts itself (reboots itself) but never actually reboots properly.

I have now tried the hard drive in another pc that was working and the same problem occurs...I have even swapped the leads over to make sure their wasn't a loose connection.

The same problem occurs - leading me to think that there is a problem with the hard drive itself.

This is driving me mad as I now just want to get the photos and files that I saved on their off and chuck the thing away!

Can someone please advise me what to do next or whether I should just bite the bullet and take the hard drive to a pc doctor to retrieve the photos and files.

  James1947 14:25 30 Jun 2007

Perhaps you could connect the drive as "Slave" on your own or another PC to retrieve the files you want. Then reformat and re-install your OS.

  lah101 14:37 30 Jun 2007

Thanks for your reply...abit of a novice...what is slave?

  Quiet Life 17:38 30 Jun 2007

If you have two drives on the same cable one containing the operating system is set as the master and the other as the slave. Usually set by adjusting the jumbers on the drives.
If you have a computer with an operating system installed and you instal your faulty drive as a slave it may be possible to access and save some of the info.
It could be that the sector that contains Windows is at fault and other parts might be OK.

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