hard drive failing

  woody 23:18 08 Jan 2006

The PC OS is WIN2000.
I installed a disk manager program and after an hour or so i rebooted the PC.
At start up i got a warning"Disk monitoring system shows h/drive operating outside normal specifications - replace HD."
I can press F1 to carry on working but is there any way i can bypass this warning?Or is it because i have altered the hard drive?
It is only a back up PC so it does not matter if it suddenly packs up.
It has three partitions which i have tried to make into one - without success.They all format with NTFS OK.

  DieSse 23:39 08 Jan 2006

It sounds like a SMART message. If it is, I'd beleive it if I were you.

What *disk manager program* is it?

  woody 01:09 09 Jan 2006

What *disk manager program* is it?

Hard Disk manager 5.6

It may be just a coincidence that it failed at this time.

  DieSse 01:16 09 Jan 2006

Is that Paragon Hard Disk Manager?

If it is, then you'll have to read the manual or look on their support site to find out what the message means.

If you want to check the SMART status for sure, you could try a free trial on Active Smart click here and see what that tells you.

  woody 11:22 09 Jan 2006

Thanks for your help - great little program.

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