Hard drive error

  monty34 13:54 24 Oct 2003

Hi, i recently bought a second hand seagate barracuda 20gb ata IV hard drive to replace my 3.2gb fujitsu drive.I removed the old one and installed the segate drive, i set the jumpers to master,i formatted the disk ,and then restarted the computer as instructed.Instead of booting from the hard drive i get this message
1790-disk 0 error
can anyone tell me what this means? is the seagate hard drive faulty? I would appreciate any help.

  Terrahawk 14:10 24 Oct 2003

if you have formatted the drive you will need a boot cd or floppy. What o/s are you planning to install

  holly polly 14:21 24 Oct 2003

click here
use seagate own diagnostic tool-seatools, to verify the integrity of the drive ,in lay mans terms checks the hdd ,and gives you a report ,read the faq what accompys it ,as i believe you have to unzip copy to floppy ,make your floppy drive 1`st boot device ,as the utility works through dos ,if the check verifys that the drive is cream krackered ,i would be knocking on the person door ,who sold it you very loudly -hope it helps -hol pol...

  monty34 15:15 24 Oct 2003

Thanks for the quick reponse guys! i have used the windows 2000 professional cd to boot up.i found out from another search that it may have something to do with the fact that my computer is a compaq deskpro and is a bit old. Trying to use a 20gb hardrive in it may be the problem, something to do with the bios set up,but i dont really understand all that.

  plankton 15:21 24 Oct 2003

Which deskpro is it? And which mobo? You may be able to upgrade the BIOS to accommodate "large disks".

  Franky Lemonhead 15:26 24 Oct 2003

I am not completly certain on this, but i think that compaq computers do not have a CMOS chip, but keep the Bios on the hard drive in a seperate partition that you can not see. So when you take the hard drive out it also takes out the Bios.

  monty34 15:29 24 Oct 2003

Hi plankton,not sure ,i have the cover removed can you find out what motherboard and deskpro version by looking inside?just says compaq deskpro on the front cover.i got this computer from a friend so dont know a lot about it.

  plankton 15:52 24 Oct 2003

Best way to check is by downloading sandra or Belarc or Aida32, all of which give a listing of what youve got, but if you cant get it to work...
and pressumably youve got no book with it..and I bet you cant see anything that remotely resembles a mobo ident...has it got a serial number on it?

  monty34 16:09 24 Oct 2003

Downloaded belarc gave me the following info,
System Model
Windows 2000 Professional (build 2195) Compaq Deskpro 2000
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
267 megahertz Intel Pentium II
32 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache BIOS: Compaq 686M 11/18/97

Can i upgrade the bios using this info?

  plankton 16:24 24 Oct 2003

You might be able to get it from click here

  monty34 16:28 24 Oct 2003

Thanks plankton for your help,will post here later to let you know how i got on.
All the best..Monty34

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