hard drive error

  my namn is peck 11:06 10 Aug 2003

recently when i turned my pc on it was running realy slow then eventually it crashed totally..

i know the pc has been turned off at the wall socket a quite often, not by me of course.

so i bought a new hard drive and started again i managed to get most of my data off the old drive.. does anyone now if the hard drive will be phsically damaged by this...

  JIM 11:21 10 Aug 2003

not knowing your WIN/OS i would for a start do a full scandisk,If win98. Restart your system in dos and at the command prompt type in scandisk.exe then when asked do a full scan.

Go to bed for five hours :)as the five minutes the say is way out.

  my namn is peck 11:27 10 Aug 2003

done scandisk drive seems fine i was gunna use the drive as a secondry one but it still fails sometimes i think it may be scratched or summat

  Terrahawk 11:50 10 Aug 2003

have you run a virus check recently have known virus infection to slow systems to a halt have you filled the disk up that would slow it down just a couple of ideas

  JIM 12:02 10 Aug 2003

" may be scratched or summat" If you have heard any Grating or Scratching noise,you may be right.

Try doing a format and you will soon find out how much damage may have been done.

This is trouble i had in the past.

When doing a Format C: drive refuses to go past the 3% of format. Soon after format trying to recover bad sectors of drive, (grating sound Indicating a possible future failure) and no progress, the system would just freeze.

Before time of format the drive contained only 3.6 GB of files. After continual intermittent system freezes, during the last 12 months and, giving the benefit of doubt to other areas, decided to Format drive with the above result.

Doing a format C:/Q produced an install of the Windows software etc. though this would not give long-term reliability, to the system.eg hardrive.

  DieSse 12:16 10 Aug 2003

If the drive really is making grinding noises, then probably the bearing is gone. Any strange noises coming from inside a hard drive mean it's a write-off. Just forget it and dump it - it'll be a lot less grief and worry - you could never trust it for storage anyway - so what's the point in using it.

But - you can't damage a drive by the way you switch the system off - it's simply not possible. It's just failed.

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