Hard Drive Enclosures

  shaduf 20:21 15 Dec 2003

I went to a computer fair yesterday and noticed there were several stalls selling USB 2 Hard Drive Cases for enclosing an ordinary IDE drive.
They appeared to contain some electronics to convert the drive connections to USB 2.0.

Has anyone any experience of these cases and are they successful, in particular do they have any detrimental effect on speed or anything?

One of the stall holders told me that as USB is faster than an IDE drive there would be no drop in performance.

They cost about £30 and 160 Gb drives were going for £80 so that appears good value to get a 160 Gb external drive for £110?

  billyliv 20:39 15 Dec 2003

Hi, Another option is to buy a USB 2 to IDE adaptor from Maplin. Works a treat. Cheers, Bill

  shaduf 20:48 15 Dec 2003

Thanks Bill - but does that include a case?
These were nice cases that sit on top of the PC or desk.

  jolorna 22:15 15 Dec 2003

i brought one last week from a computer fair and it works a treat cost me £35.00

  bvw in bristol 23:11 15 Dec 2003

I've only recently got one and put a 30 gig hard drive in it, backed-up to it no problem, using USB2 on XP.

I guess you can swop around hard drives, buy bigger drives etc...

Seems a good idea to me.

  billyliv 00:08 16 Dec 2003

Hi shaduf, Sadly the case isn't included. Pity. Cheers, Bill

  temp003 04:11 16 Dec 2003

They are handy to use, if you don't want to open up your computer case or if you need to swap external drives.

"No drop in performance" - I doubt it, because USB2 has its own overheads, and the IDE to USB2 interface will just add to that. That shouldn't stop you from getting it if you do need an external caddy. But if you are going to use the hard disk just like an ordinary second drive, you're always better off installing it internally.

Also, check the specifications for the hard disk that is being sold with the caddy.

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