Hard drive died, OS question

  jd105 19:41 09 Oct 2014

Hi guys

Asus laptop, 11 months old (when the hard drive failed) but now out of warranty due to Asus repeatedly rejecting my COMPLETELY VALID VAT reciept as proof of purchase. But that is a different story...

My issue now is that I need the laptop for work (as a teacher) and have been without it now for 4 weeks and cannot afford to be without it much longer. I am thinking of taking the opportunity to upgrade to an SSD. My problem comes with the OS. It was running Windows 8.1 and it came without system disks. Needless to say I never used the utility to make one (doh).

As I have a fully paid-up legitimate licence bought with the laptop, how do I go about getting that on the new laptop without the expense of buying it again from the website?

  jd105 19:45 09 Oct 2014

EDIT:- the last line should say"how do i go about getting that on the new hard drive?"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:19 09 Oct 2014

download an windows8.1 iso and burn to DVD use the license key on the sticker on your laptop to activate.

  Jollyjohn 12:24 10 Oct 2014

On the receipt issue - do you have a copy of your bank / credit card statement that identifies the transaction - this is proof of purchase.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:35 10 Oct 2014

Depends on the nature of the hard drive failure.

if the drive is working but corrupt then a factory restore should fix it and I don't think Asus would be arguing about a refund it if was that simple.

  lotvic 15:03 10 Oct 2014

Asus, if your laptop came pre-installed with Windows 8/8.1 and so will have a product key built into its BIOS: ClickHere for a clean install guide and to D/L W8.1 iso

  jd105 00:23 21 Oct 2014

Thank you for all the helpful replies.

It doesn't have the sticker on the bottom, so likely has it built into the BIOS. To me of little knowledge, this sounds like if I do a clean install it will automatically assign the product key built into the BIOS, correct? Or do I have to extract that information somehow?

Thank you!

  lotvic 02:16 21 Oct 2014

It should extract the key from the bios during the install from an OEM DVD but if any probs you could use a generic key for the install then using a little program you can extract the proper key from your firmware and change to that key/

Helpful threads for info/instructions on other forums: ClickHere1 and also Click Here2 and another Clickhere3

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