Hard drive in deep freeze???

  ton 21:35 02 May 2003

A friend Of a friend had a Hard drive failure. Their PC 'expert' has put the hard drive in the freezer. I assume that this is to help in attempting to retrieve some of the files. I've never heard of this before, anyone used, or heard of this method?

  LastChip 22:07 02 May 2003

Sometimes, it will work just long enough to recover essential files.

Another "trick" some use, is to drop it about four feet on to a carpeted floor. Frightening, but again occasionally successful.

Personally, I always try recovering via DOS first, but if the controllers failed, I'm out of luck. It has been known to find an old drive of the same type and swap controllers.

If your that desperate for the data.........

  bobbyc 22:11 02 May 2003

yes i have heard of this before / also tried it myself it did work on a hdd . long enough to recover data

  ton 23:01 02 May 2003

Thanks for replies, I'll keep this trick in mind in case I ever need it.

  DieSse 23:01 02 May 2003

Yup - used it before - it works sometimes. Also a sharp slap with the flat of the hand (a variation of dropping it on a carpet).

  Super Trooper 23:24 02 May 2003

Yes it can work. My last PC's HD started to make odd grinding noises. I switched off straight away & took it into local specialist who put in the fridge (not deep freeze as condensation/ice can be a prob) they were able to cool the surface down enough to run it long enough to make a copy.

  hillybilly 23:44 02 May 2003

Out of interest, how long would you put it in the fridge for?

  DieSse 00:57 03 May 2003

Until it's nice and cold (!) - I wrap them in newspaper, and a polythene shopping bag, to keep them dry, and thenwrap them in a cloth when I take them out, to absorb condensation. Remember this is only for when all else has already failed!!!

  Ellie3009 10:17 03 May 2003

Okay, so putting them in the freezer works by cooling them down.

But what is the science behind dropping or hitting them?

Just curious...

  ton 13:33 03 May 2003

Thanks to all for your answers.

  LastChip 13:51 03 May 2003

There's no science behind any of these methods!

It's just sometimes, they work, when all else has failed!

But I suppose the dropping/hitting method may work, if the drive has sticky heads.

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