Hard drive - decrease in free space

  the hick 22:00 05 Aug 2003

My hard drive (C - drive) free space has dropped by 1.2GB, (13.9 down to 12.7) while attempting to scan a couple of 6" x 4" photos at 300dpi. For some reason the scan failed, but I dont understand the drop in drive space, dont know what has used it up. Not on internet at all in this time, either. Any help, please?

  mol01 22:09 05 Aug 2003

Scanning photos takes a lot of ram - particularly if u want to scan in colour. If you do not have enough ram your pc will use hard disk. This may explain the drop as windows may have increased the size of the file it uses as fake ram, or it may have dumped part of your large photo file onto the disk. Try 150dpi?

  Geoff_T 22:16 05 Aug 2003

Try searching your hard disc for large files (i.e. more than 500MB). If you find a couple that seem to have been created at about the time and date that you scanned your photos, then it looks like mol01's suggestion may be right. If you find any, post back with the file names and some one should be able to advise if its OK to delete them

  Ironman556 22:20 05 Aug 2003

Have you run the disk cleanup utility?

You said the scan failed. You've probably been left with temporary files on your PC, have a look at c:\windows\temp you may find that some big files have been left. If the disk cleanup doesn't get rid of these, make sure you've restarted after scanning, then delete the large files from the temporary folder.

Unless you need high quality photo's try 150 or 200 dpi, these resolutions should be good enough for most uses, word documents, internet etc.

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