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Hard drive data finder please

  Dan Burt 19:15 09 May 2020


My old Laptop die on me (power board). I've purchased a new laptop. I have also purchased a hard drive caddy.

I'm trying to find my photos and documents on my old hard drive but don't know where they are?

Can anyone help me getting my old photos and doc off my old hard drive please


  wee eddie 19:50 09 May 2020

So, what have you done so far: You bought the Caddy and took the old Hard Drive out of the Laptop and installed it in the Caddy.

You plugged the Caddy into the Mains and a USB Socket on your new PC.

What next?

  Dan Burt 19:54 09 May 2020

Sorry, yes installed the old HD in the caddy and plugged it in the new Laptop via USB and tried looking for my photos and documents but can't seem to find them, even if you could guide me with a file address?

The drive shows all the files and is talking to the new laptop

  wee eddie 20:11 09 May 2020

Assuming that you could find them on the old Laptop. They will be in the same place

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:19 09 May 2020

What op system was on the old laptop?

windows 10 files are under C:\windows\users\your account name\

\ pictures




windows 7 is similar

  Secret-Squirrel 08:42 10 May 2020

Dan, open a File Explorer window, double-click on your old hard drive (it won't be called C:), double-click on the "Users" folder then do the same for the folder with your old username. Your personal documents may all be in the "Pictures", "Documents" folders etc, or, for Windows 10, they may all be in subfolders in the "OneDrive" folder.

  compumac 09:41 10 May 2020

Why not use File Explorer and search for *.jpg. - This on the basis that some of your photos would have been jpg.

This would then give an indication as to where the bulk of your stuff is.

  Dan Burt 11:36 10 May 2020

I've found them, I had to "show all hidden folders" and then my user folder popped up with everything I need

Thanks for your help everyone


  wee eddie 12:41 10 May 2020

Once you have , successfully, transferred everything to your new Lappy.

Format the old Drive, download Macrium Reflect, other free Software is available, and you have a handy Backup System, which should save you the heartache, next time around

  Dan Burt 12:46 10 May 2020

I will do that thanks WeeEddie, will this software repartition the drive too, its in 2 parts looking like 2 dives where as I only need it to be 1 whloe


  alanrwood 13:10 10 May 2020

Reflect is only for creating disk images, backups etc.

If you want to change the partition structure the try Macrorit Partition Expert. (Free)

It is really easy to use.

click here

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