hard drive damaged by spike surge

  [DELETED] 09:46 13 Dec 2003

hi my sisters pc was damaged bu a spike surge the man she bought the pc from diod not supply a sugre protecter. her pc would not start nd we have found out thart her motherborad is needs replaccing. is ot possible to get the the memoerey back from the harddrive. please help

  powerless 09:51 13 Dec 2003

Maybe, you'll just have to connect it up and see what she reveals.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:10 13 Dec 2003

Do you mean the data on the hard disk? If so, then you can connect it as a slave to another pc and perhaps be able to read it that way.

  [DELETED] 10:26 13 Dec 2003

how can i connect it up as a slave to see what i can download

  powerless 10:33 13 Dec 2003

Rip off the case to the PC.

Find the hard drive and disconnect it, remove the securing screws and power conector.

On the back of the drive there will be JUMPERS, little fiddly things you will have to postition them correctly. If you look on the hard drives shiny surface it may tell you what postiton they should be on for a slave configuration.

On the other PC, locate the hard drive and the big cable. Along the cable there will be a free connector (hopefull). Connect the hard drive up to that, power cable as well.

Power up and everything should work, then go in Windows under MY computer the hard drive should be seen, double click and see whats on it.

If the hard drive does not appear, double check jumpers and make sure the drive is recognised in the BIOS.

  [DELETED] 12:10 13 Dec 2003

click here this should help

  Diemmess 12:18 13 Dec 2003

What does she see when the computer is switched on?..........Many (bad) things may have happened but I would not expect the HD to have been wiped.

You may have to go with Powerless and try the HD in another computer. The damaged one may have faults from trivial to needing major and expensive parts replacement, but the data ought to be recoverable, using another computer.

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