Hard drive crashed

  Eddie 2425 21:57 25 Dec 2011

my son has a dell 1750 inspiron hard drive has crashed error 0146, so i want to replace the drive, the excisting drive is a 320 gb, can i replace this with a 1tb cheers Eddie

  Strawballs 22:13 25 Dec 2011

As long as it's one of the same connection type ie SATA or IDE.

  Eddie 2425 22:21 25 Dec 2011

thanks strawballs thats the bit I dont understand Eddie

  RobCharles1981 22:48 25 Dec 2011

Sata and IDE are different connections.

Also are there any important files on that drive to retrieve?

  lotvic 22:51 25 Dec 2011

Service Manual support.euro.dell.com

  BRYNIT 22:55 25 Dec 2011

If it has a ribbon with a wide connection it is IDE if it is a narrow cable with a small connection it will be SATA Click here this will show a picture of the difference.

  Eddie 2425 08:38 26 Dec 2011

Thanks Robtheorganguru there is no important files to retrieve.Thanks Lotvic for that link.Thanks Brynit for pointing out the difference in types of connections trouble is the hard drive is a push in, just undo 2 screws and it pushes out. On the drive it does say interface sata so I assume thats the connection. Many thanks for all your replies Eddie

  spuds 12:19 26 Dec 2011

Even though its true, that most computers (especially the older type) might have a 'ribbon type' connector, there are some that have a single round cable, doing exactly the same job as ribbon with the same end connectors, but are made to assist air flow!.

  Strawballs 14:01 26 Dec 2011

When you pull it out is there a wide slot in the end with a lot of pins (39 I believe) if so it's IDE if not it's sata as it's a laptop it will be of the 2.5" type.

  lotvic 14:05 26 Dec 2011

dell 1750 inspiron is a laptop, it will be a 2.5" harddrive (not a 3.5" which is what tower desktop pc's have on the end of ribbon type connector).

Here's a picture of SATA and IDE 2.5" http://www.laptopparts101.com/hard-drive/

  Eddie 2425 18:39 26 Dec 2011

thanks for all your help it was sata got the new hard drive today just loading windows many thanks Eddie

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