Hard Drive Compatibility With Motherboard

  The_slay0r 21:15 07 Aug 2003

I was recently thinking of purchasing a new hard drive due tot he fact that 10gb just dont cut it anymore. I had my eye on a 120gb hard drive from dabs.com that is UDMA100. To my despair i found that my mobo is only supportive of up to UDMA66 data transfer. I have heard that if i was to install the hard drive on my pc the motherboard would revert to its limit of 66Mb/s transfer of data. Could you tell me am i right in saying this as i would be grateful to know. i think i would go ahead and buy it if this was my only loss in performance

  Rayuk 21:17 07 Aug 2003

You are correct in your assumption.

  xania 09:58 08 Aug 2003

You may also find that your Mobo will not be able to manage a HD of this size. You should find the solution to any such problem either in some HD handling software already on the the HD or on the manufacturer's web site.

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