Hard-Drive compatibility?

  jmg9190 22:05 11 May 2005

I have IBM desktop running 800 MHZ AMD, 128mb RAM, 8 GB Hardrive and Windows 98 Second Edition. I am thinking about purchasing a Hitachi 80GB 7200rpm ATA hardrive however there are a few things I am unsure about! Firstly will it work ok with Windows 98? Secondly will having a second 80GB hardrive slow down the computer a lot? Also will my desktop have a second cable to connect the harddrive to, and is it a long process? Hope someone can help, thankyou!


  DieSse 22:44 11 May 2005

Are you sure you meant to say the existing drive was 8Gb??

I will work OK with Win98.

However, it is possible your BIOS may not recognise 80Gb. If you try it, and it won't, ask again because it can almost always be corrected.

A second drive will not slow the system down at all - in fact with a 7200 spin speed, your system will run faster.

But why did you say a second 80Gb drive when you said the first was 8Gb??

I can't tell if your system has a second IDE cable - you will have to look to find out. If you need a second cable, be sure to get an 80wire cable, and use it as the Primary cable - unless you alraedy have one, in which case get a 40 wire cable and use it as the Secondary cable. Note the connectors are the same, it's only the number of wires that is different - count them if you aren't sure.

Normally you will install the new drive as the first drive (Master) on the Primary IDE cable, and the old drive as the Slave on the same cable. Your optical drive(s) should go on the Secondary IDE channel.

Is it a long process?

Physically it should take you about 30 mins maximum. Transferring the drive contents should take another 30mins or so, with the right software - ask about this if you are not sure.

  the-george 22:48 11 May 2005

Check that you have a spare drive bay before doing anything else. a few desk top units I have worked on have been very short of space for extra drives.

  DieSse 22:54 11 May 2005

Good point the-george.

If you don't have a spare drive bay for a hard drive, but you do have a spare one for a CD drive, you can get a pair of plastic mounting adapters for the hard drive.

  SEASHANTY 10:51 12 May 2005

It sounds as if you have a very old PC if the HDD is only 8GB. It was probably fixed at this due to the capacity barrier of 8.4GB set by the bios. See this webpage click here

  SEASHANTY 11:22 12 May 2005

See number 8. on this webpage
click here

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