hard drive compatibility

  User-1817F5B4-1DFD-4F70-AC5EE451F07284F2 17:56 19 Jul 2004

My motherboard Biostar M7VKD is compatible with ATA 100.I want to buy a new hard drive which is ATA 133.Will it work ok on my motherboard?
many thanks

  Dorsai 18:24 19 Jul 2004

It should work, as the New HDD should be capable of running at the lower transfer speed. I have an ATA100 MOBO, and don't even know off the top of my head wether my HDD are 100 or 133.

I would however make a point or asking this question, ideally in writing, at the time of purchase. That way you can return it if it does not work.

after all you had said 'i wont in to work on a ATA100 MOBO, and you said here it would, and it didn't!'

What drive are ytou looking at?

  Dorsai 19:19 19 Jul 2004

Just thought though. Isn't the biostar M7VKD an ATA66 MOBO? I thought it was when i had one anyway.

  PSF 19:28 19 Jul 2004

You will find most hard drives are backward compatible. You will need to check what the size limit is for your OS as there are some limitations with older systems. You can get tools from the manufacturers site to install larger hard drives on older systems. click here= Have a look at this site for some more info.

Thanks for the info guys.The seller says same as you that the HDD should work with the motherboard.Thanks for the links.I`ll check a few of them out.

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