hard drive cloning

  John Ross 22:13 09 Sep 2003

My 45Gb hard disk had lost a few clusters and I bought a new 60Gb drive to replace.

I thought it possible to clone the new f: hard drive from the old c: one, as explained in previous postings.
I tried xcopy, then xxcopy/clone, but neither has resulted in a bootable drive. I have Xp Pro o the original disk, but the disk unsuccessfully starts booting in Me and stops after a few seconds due to inability to find some .vxd file.

Three (and a 1/2) questions :
1. Is there a (free) way of cloning a hard disk running Xp?
2. Will my old copy of Partition Magic 7 help me (if I can remember where I put it?)
3. I now have a f: hard drive with approx 30Gb of file on it, that I cannot reformat with command prompt (it says volume too big for FAT32) or Windows explorer (NTFS : will this be solved if I make F: the slave drive again?). when I try to reinstall Windows Xp it has a fatal error 11 minutes from completion (?during registering?).
3.5 Is the letter allocation of the drives important and if so how do I alter it?

PS the original Hard disk is still working, and seems to be happy to act as boot drive despite being on IDE1 and slave(?!?!)
Thank you!

  jimv7 22:22 09 Sep 2003

Use norton ghost to copy disk over, I always disconnect the cdrom cable and use that to connect the 2nd hard drive, when finished swop drives over and boot from the new drive without connecting the original drive yet.

When your happy that it boots ok, replace with original drive and format it before reconnecting it as slave.

If you boot with both drives connected before formatting old drive xp, will leech across and can caude probs.

  John Ross 00:35 10 Sep 2003

How about trying this :

click here ?

  Megatyte 02:53 10 Sep 2003

What make is your new drive? Most HDD manufacturers have software to do exactly what you want. This software is normally provided with retail boxed drives, but available for download if you have OEM.

All you do is physically connect the drive and boot with a floppy(made with the relevant manufacturers program). It will Fdisk,format and, if required, clone your existing disk. No need for Xcopy, XXcopy, Ghost or any other 3rd party software.


  John Ross 11:10 10 Sep 2003

I bought an IBM Desktstar from Dabs : slightly surprised to receive a Hitachi drive (was not told company had been sold).
I was disappointed to find no disk with the drive when it arrived. I was even more disappointed when I went to the Hitachi website to be told no software needed as Xp could do all necessary : Is this so? not to my knowledge!
Any experience /views of XXclone?
Can I use software from another manufacturer?

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