Hard Drive Cloning

  Jester2K II 14:53 16 Aug 2003

Sorry to ask but I've tried the search on here and can't find the EXACT answer i need.

Friend has Win98 PC. Hard Drive freezes randomly - suspect duff HDD. Not yet ruled out though.

However I need to know, if he buys a new HDD can I copy the contents of the old drive to the new one in the following manner.

My HDD is C Drive (Active Windows XP Drive)

His Old HDD is D Drive

His New HDD is E Drive

Can i use Xcopy click here (or even drag and drop) to copy the D Drive to the E drive and then put the E drive in his PC and be OK (assuming i make relevant BIOS changes etc)

Again i ask cos most threads on this ask about cloning active C Drive to new Hard Drive then swapping. I need to clone the Slave D drive to the Slave E drive.


  Diemmess 15:31 16 Aug 2003

The letters you give the drives C:, D: and E: sugest that that is how they are mounted now (in your computer)?

Only bother with cloning if you are happy with the O/S you are cloning, because a clone is what you get warts and all!

So No, Xcopy will not work............. but making a Ghost Image or Drive Image will - if you make the image of D: in a partition which is not the primary partition in either D: or E: The final restoration will wipe anything else off that partition, (which is why you can't save the image there.)

Once you have done that you "Restore this image" to the primary partition of E:

All this assumes that the HD isn't going to offer a corrupt image due to its hairy state, and that you want to risk starting a new HD with a dodgy O/S installation.

  pj123 16:01 16 Aug 2003

xcopy won't work with XP. but xxcopy will. go to click here and download the programme. Don't understand what your drive C: has to do with it. Your friend needs to disconnect the already existing hard drive and put his new drive in as the master, make sure the BIOS is changed to detect it as master. It then needs to be partitioned and formatted (using a floppy start up disc). Once that has been done reconnect the old disc as master and the new disc as slave (again make sure the BIOS is set to detect them)
Now boot into windows and then go to Start Run and type in xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c d: and press enter. It will copy everything from old to new.

  seedie 17:56 16 Aug 2003

I have used xxcopy /clone with good success.
The product takes switches to the state of the art


  david4637 18:00 16 Aug 2003

Assume you mean xxcopy not xcopy in your last sentence. I thought xxcopy had different switches to what you quoted for a clone, I may be wrong though? Thanks David

  howard60 19:36 16 Aug 2003

I would advise against cloning. As said above you will get everything warts an all. I have had a problem and suspected hdd. It turned out to be a corruption in the registry. Had I cloned it I would have had the exact problem on 2 drives. After a period of time it makes sense to do a clean install.

  Jester2K II 22:03 16 Aug 2003

Sorry just to clarify.

XXCopy is the program i meant.

There is no problem with the data on the drive - just the hard drive locks after about 15 - 20 mins use - physical lock up not a data problem. Reg and everything been checked and re-checked.

Want to put his old drive in my PC with his new drive as D and E drives to copy the contents of D to E - avoids "File In Use Error" when trying to copy System files. ie My hard drive will be the Bootable disk and his old and new drive will be two "slaves" as it where (i know not the right term - maybe secondary and tertiary drives are more correct??)...

Question is - Will the new drive work if i copy "warts and all" from the old drive to the new and then put the new drive into his PC as the only drive???

Various reasons why we can't reinstall OS and rebuild the system now. Going to do a clean OS install at a later date though.

  bazb 22:43 16 Aug 2003

If you purchase a Seagate drive, they come with a cloning cd or you can download the software.

Very simple to install, with easy to understand instructions for different set ups.

I believe most new drives now come with cloning software.

  woodchip 22:55 16 Aug 2003

As the files will not be in use you should be able to do a strait copy of the drive contents to the new drive. Make shure it's formatted Far32. Just highlight the drive contents and drag to new drive but how will you change drive letter when you install to old computer

  woodchip 23:00 16 Aug 2003

Or if you have Drive Image, IMAGE the drive to the new drive then use Drive Image floppies to expand the Image to the C:\ drive after you reinstall the new drive to old comp

  Wak 10:13 17 Aug 2003

Hi, I have two drives and use XXCOPY to clone my drive C:\ to Drive D:\ on a weekly basis as back-up.
All your friend needs to do is install XXCOPY on to Drive C:\, install his new formatted drive as SLAVE (which will become drive D:\), Go to Start/ Programs/ MSDOS Prompt and then type:-
This will clone everything on Drive C:\ to his drive D;\, including all System files, registry, programs and data files. NO switches are needed.
XXCOPY is FREE, easy and quick (3 GB cloned in two minutes) so it may possibly have time to copy your drive before it seizes up.

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