Hard Drive clogged up with my Photots but.....

  bristolgirl 16:26 31 Jul 2013

Hi. I am requesting all your help yet again.

I have run out of room on my laptop. It is basically clogged up with all my photos. I have backed them up to an external hard drive (with very much appreciated support from this forum) and I have them in Picasa. (Although, I have to say, I do find Picasa somewhat confusing).

So I guess, that I should really start deleting the photos off my hard drive now? I am quite reluctant to do this but I guess it needs to be done. Should I be storing them or backing them up to somewhere else too?

Many thanks!!!

  Chronos the 2nd 16:45 31 Jul 2013

Why not back them up to the cloud? Either Google Drive or microsofts Skydrive or my favourite as it is very simple to use Dropbox. You do not how many MB's or GB's of images you have as you only get a limited space free online storage.

You could also think about a USB stick as a back up.

  Zak 16:48 31 Jul 2013

What storage size is needed?

I presume they are all important to you; perhaps weed them if not already done so. I would consider another external drive or store them in the cloud say on Google Drive which allows 15GB free; you'll neeed a gmail account.

Once you have deleted the files from your PC this will safeguard you in case your current external drive fails.

  Zak 16:50 31 Jul 2013

Chronos the 2nd

I was still typing when you posted, so did not read your post until I had posted mine!! At least we are thinking along the same lines.

  bristolgirl 17:19 31 Jul 2013

Hi Zak and Chronos. Many thanks for your replies!

Picasa is sort of a cloud, as I have them uploaded to that. I do have sugarsync and dropbox installed too but I use them for my music and my documents.

My pictures take up 21.3gb and that's after I have done all the weeding and printed off my favourites. I also have the same photos on my desktop. I have gmail already, so I guess that Google drive might be the answer?

Maybe I'm being over cautious? I just hate the thought of deleting them.

  BT 17:30 31 Jul 2013

You could always burn them to CD or DVD.

  bristolgirl 14:17 01 Aug 2013

That's an idea BT but I've a feeling that might not be the right one for me, as I know how much CD's can deteriorate and now some new laptops don't even have hard drives. Thank you for your answer though!

Someone I know, suggested, that I need a NAS drive. Not sure what one of these is? Is it a good idea?

Thank you!

  BT 17:49 01 Aug 2013

..some new laptops don't even have hard drives

Did you really mean that, or did you mean DVD drives.

If you use good quality CD/DVDs and make a couple of copies of each, at least you will have a chance of not losing your pics. If your computer or external drive fails, and they do, you'll lose the lot, so another separate backup is sensible. It amazes me the number of people who lose everything, pictures, documents etc. because they have no backups at all and their computer fails, or is lost or stolen.

  bristolgirl 10:30 02 Aug 2013

Oh Gosh. Sorry BT! I did mean DVD drives. Must have been a bit tired or something when I posted.

Thank you for pointing that out to me!

  Chronos the 2nd 10:48 02 Aug 2013

I use a NETDISK SOLO with Goodsync Pro and this was simplicity itself to set up and means that anything I add to My documents,My Pictures, My Music ETC is immediately copied to the NAS drive.

You create folders on the NAS drive then Sync or back up the folder with one on your desktop. Once the folders are synced then you set the settings in Goodsync to back up on file change and you can pretty much forget about it as it works quietly in the background.

  bristolgirl 13:38 03 Aug 2013

Thank You Chronos, I will take a look at that.

I'm still not entirely sure what a NAS drive is. Apologies! Is it quite portable, like my external hard drive?

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