hard drive clicking on cold start up?

  Roy* 11:56 05 Jan 2009

My hard drive sometimes makes a loud clicking sound when starting up, particularly 1st thing in the morning when it’s cold. There’s no problem with the operation once it’s up and running but I’m concerned this some sort of mechanical fault. This is a replacement hard drive which is now just over 2 years old, I replaced the original one when it developed a similar problem although it made a continuous clicking and the computer locked up. It seems these are only designed to last about 2 years, or is the problem that as a home PC it is probably shut down around 2-4 times a day.

Anyway looking for some advice, could this be imminent failure? I have an external hard drive backing everything up daily. Do I need to buy another hard drive and do the mirror image thing I did last time (Acronis Drive Image). If so which hard drive would you recommend with a bit more reliability than the current Maxtor?

  provider 2 12:00 05 Jan 2009

Some hard drive sounds and advice on backing up:

click here

(Site is often quite slow to load.)

  Technotiger 12:01 05 Jan 2009

Almost certainly is! A new hard drive is best option, good to see that you have a good back-up routine. Maxtor is normally pretty good, I guess all the big names are as good as any others!

  provider 2 12:13 05 Jan 2009

Remember to click the maker`s name to see datacent`s experience with these various types:

click here

  Roy* 12:37 05 Jan 2009

I had a listen those examples for Maxtor but it isn't any of those, it's more of a mechanical clicking and only on start up? Is it worth doing a disc diagnostic or defragmenting?

  provider 2 12:44 05 Jan 2009

I couldn`t say for sure, Roy, but any unusual noise coming from a hard disc at any time or temperature is not good and backing up is the first precaution.

No harm in trying diagnostic or defragmenting but my money`s on replacement probably sooner rather than later.

  Roy* 12:51 05 Jan 2009

Now it's the: 'new hard drive or replace the whole lot' debate as it's over 4 years old now....

  provider 2 12:56 05 Jan 2009

Yep. There`s seems to be a wide variation in how long you can expect thse things to last. I suppose it depends on usage and several other things ... free parameters, I think they call it.

Anyhow, as Techno says, I don`t think there`s much difference really between the various brands as far as longevity is concerned.

  Quiet Life 13:28 05 Jan 2009

I have a Maxtor drive in a three year old HP machine which has always made a double clicking noise on start up. I understand it is the moving arm coming off its resting position.
I have had many drives in the last ten years and this is the only one that has made this noise. The only drive failure I have had was an IBM where it developed the IBM click of death and died at about six months. I have kept all my old machines and the first with a 6gb drive stills works fine. I would say hard drive life is very much longer than two years.
As they are now so cheap and if you are worried consider replacing it but personally I would keep it going.

  Roy* 13:29 05 Jan 2009

I see ebuyer are doing Maxtor STM3320614AS 320GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 16MB Cache - OEM for £36 + delivery

i think this closest to the current one- Maxtor 6V250F0 250GB 7200RPM SATAII 16MB Cache - OEM which cost £45 2 years back...

Any views on this?

  Roy* 13:36 05 Jan 2009

The issue here is that it didn't used to make this noise but it has started to in the last few weeks especially if cold (been off for more than 8 hours in a cool room). It soon settles down and is quiet again?

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