Hard drive clicking

  tfoxon 13:05 01 Dec 2004

Hi Guys,

Problems again. I have a hard drive that is only a few months old. I use it as a secondary drive. The problem is that the drive itself whirls away, but it has started to click. Not only that but the computer can find it.

I have checked the IDE leads and they are fine. Is this drive dead? Is there any hope it can be fixed? Any suggestions (about the hard drive of course)?

Thanks for looking.

  xania 13:08 01 Dec 2004

Those clicks are probably indicative of a worn bearing. If the drive is only a few months old, I'd say it should still be under warranty and you have a good. Make sure you backup everything and then securely erase all material before sending it back.

  Buchan 35 19:53 01 Dec 2004

Put Belarc advisor into your browser and click Go. Have a look about halfway down the page and the state of your hard drive will be given, sorry I don`t have a "click here".

  xania 13:02 02 Dec 2004

Buchan 35

Haven't come across this one before. There's always more to learn in this game. Is this the one you mean? click here

  Jeffers22 13:12 02 Dec 2004

That's the one.

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