Hard drive change

  tonydm 12:16 01 Dec 2008

my lap top has become corrupted / infected so I can no longer get a web page to open.
Something seems to be blocking any internet useage (which is odd, because I can still use MSN)
I have had the tech guys at sky broadband on the phone for 1 hour trying all sorts of trouble shooting to mend it, but with no joy.
system restore does nothing for it.

Would changing the hard drive make any difference ?

and is it fairly easy to do ?

or do I just end up buying a new laptop



  Diodorus Siculus 12:31 01 Dec 2008

1 - you don't need either a new hard drive or a new laptop :)

2 - can you get access to another PC? (I assume you can or you wouldn't be posting here.)

If so, download Firefox and install it - it is an alternative browser from click here

Will it open any pages?

3 - give more details of the laptop you are using - eg windows XP / Vista, what browser? Internet Explorer I assume?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:34 01 Dec 2008


Do you have any restore disks? At worst, reinstalling your system should sort things out. Just be sure that you have saved any documents you want as well as your address book, favourites / bookmarks, email / internet settings and so on.

  Pineman100 12:37 01 Dec 2008

I agree with Diodorus Siculus. You certainly don't need a new hard drive or a new computer.

Did the Sky techies get you to suspend your firewall, and then try connecting to the internet?

As DS has asked, more information would be helpful. Operating system, browser, security software and your method of connection to the internet (ie: wireless through a router, cable through a router or cable through a modem), plus details of the router or modem.

  tonydm 12:54 01 Dec 2008


not sure how firefox on another pc would help

it is a hp compaq laptop about 1 yr old.

it began having physical memory dump problems and switchiing itself off. but seemed to cure itself.

then i noticed that my norton had complelty dissapered from my pc,
no icon, no program., nothing

noticed that quality of images and videos was worse

i cant access any web page
even though pc says it is running fine, the connection is fine,

limewire works, yahoo messenger works,
but no internet web pages open

sky tech guy tried loads of things, turning of fire wall, changing settings etc
but nothing, empty all files, changed access settings,cookies etc,but nothing

it seems something is causing a block and preventing anything opening.

thanks for help


  tonydm 12:55 01 Dec 2008

forgot to mention

it is IE
and vista

  Diodorus Siculus 12:59 01 Dec 2008

The reason for downloading firefox is so that you can install it onto the PC with the problems; that way you tell if the problem is with internet explorer or something deeper.

Reinstalling the whole system as a last resort will sort it out if you want to go down that route.

  Sea Urchin 13:04 01 Dec 2008

Diodorus Siculus means download Firefox onto a flash drive/CD and then install it on your troublesome PC. I see you mention Limewire is working - dare I suggest that this could be contributing to your problem

  Sea Urchin 13:05 01 Dec 2008

Sorry DS - must type faster

  tonydm 13:21 01 Dec 2008

ah I see.

should i unistall limewire, could that make a difference

i cant find where unistall progs is
its not in control panel

search doesnt find anything called unistall

when I got pc from new,there was no installation disks, it was already to go.
not really sure how i reinstall it back to factory settings ,but could prob figure it out


  CLONNEN 13:26 01 Dec 2008

Check MSCONFIG is on Normal Startup.

My neighbours called a telephone helpline and got told to tick some of the boxes that disable things like Drivers and Services and didn't tell them to untick them afterwards so their internet and peripherals wouldn't work.

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