Hard drive capacity

  stu1162 04:56 16 Jan 2006

Can someone please explain to me a question regarding capacity on my hard drive.
I recently bought a laptop with a 60 gb hard drive, but when i look in the c drive properties the following is listed.
used space 6.54 gb
free space 19.8 gb
capacity 26.3 gb

Should it be 60 gb minus the 6.54 used space?, or am i missing something.

  Mavericke 08:03 16 Jan 2006

Well..may be your laptop is configured to have two partitions. Please check whether you have another partition e.g. D:

  Pamy 14:29 16 Jan 2006

Or, maybe your laptop Bios does not recognise above a certain amount.


  pj123 15:35 16 Jan 2006

Or, are you sure it was a 60gb hard drive in the first place?

  PC Bilbo 23:08 16 Jan 2006

If your opoerating system is preinstalled, it may be on a hidden partition which could account for what you are seeing.

  Taff™ 02:32 17 Jan 2006

Try running this free program click here Look under Downloads if it isn`t on the first page. Once installed it will give you plenty of information about your computer including the HDD sizes. Print a copy too because it gives you the CD Keys for the operating system which is always useful if you ever need to reinstall and don`t have the original or OEM discs.

  stu1162 19:17 17 Jan 2006

Thanks for the replies guys, it is stated on the laptop that it is 60gb and the operating system has been preinstalled, so i guess that it does have a hidden partition, it does not state this
in the properties.
I will give the program a go as stated by Taff.

  Skills 20:18 17 Jan 2006

Have a look in my computer do you have 2 hard drives shown?

Chances are that they have partioned your hard drive.

  Softstag 16:25 22 Jan 2006

You should get more than this, but be aware that Windows will never show 60Gb, you should get about 55Gb. This is due to the different ways that hard drive manufacturers and Windows quote the size of a gigabyte. click here for a detailed explaination.

As your PC is showing 26Gb, it would appear that it is not partitioned correctly. You can partition drives so they appear as more than one drive smaller drives. If you tell us which operating system (version of Windows) you are using then we will be able to tell you how to check. If there is a hidden partition put there by the PC manufacturer then I would not expect it to be so big. Who is the manufacturer?

  De Marcus™ 16:53 22 Jan 2006

You need to answer some questions before you go doing anything you may regret.

In 'My Computer' is there a c:drive AND a d:drive?

What make and model laptop is it?

  bremner 19:34 22 Jan 2006

You are NOT going to have a 30GB hidden partition unless it is a fault.

Take the advice of De Marcus and Skills and report back

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