Hard drive caddy guidance please

  superhoops4ever 20:56 26 Jun 2013

Hi, I have two old hard drives from a couple of old pc's, roughly 5/6 years old. I would like to see what was on them but am really confused as to what caddy I need. I see on Amazon Sata, IDE, 2.5 ins 3.5 ins- really confused!! Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks

  LastChip 21:40 26 Jun 2013

They're probably 3.5" (measure the width which will actually measure about 4" if they're 3.5" drives) and most likely to be IDE, but check this. Which connection do they have on the back?

  superhoops4ever 22:16 26 Jun 2013

Hi, thanks for your help. It is approx 4 inches wide so that answers that query. I have various connectors on it - one is 7 pins one is 15 pins and another is 2 rows of 4. I guess it is the 7 pin connector that is important as the link you kindly provided said that seven pins would be Sata. Thanks again for your help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:13 27 Jun 2013

Looks like this is the one you need then

  wee eddie 21:31 27 Jun 2013

The only thing that I can add is that the few extra £'s spent on a USB3 connection will be well spent.

  onthelimit1 07:59 28 Jun 2013

I bought one of these a few months ago. easy to plug any sort of drive into it.

  superhoops4ever 08:39 28 Jun 2013

That's great thanks for all the advice

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