Hard Drive Caddy ATA not able to install on my T40

  bcardonne 22:45 27 Apr 2013

Hello, I purchased an ATA hard drive caddy for mt IBM t40 and I have been unable to have the hard drive recognice by windows XP. The unit turns on and lights come on on the caddy, but I can not see the drive when I go to my computer. I have tried several hard drives and also have changed the jumpers on the hard drive. Hope some one can help. The hard drives I am ussing come out of my old T43 and T41 that failed and they are Fujitsu hard drives 40 and 60 gigs. Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:59 27 Apr 2013

Jumpers must be set to master when using IDE drives in a caddy.

Is the T40 detecting the caddy when plugged into the USB port?

Cab you see the drive in disk management?

  rdave13 23:07 27 Apr 2013

If the drives have failed then they will also not work in a caddy. A dead hard drive is just that.

  bcardonne 02:56 28 Apr 2013

Fruit Bat, thank you the jumpers must be set to master on the computer hard drive or the caddy hardrive. This Caddy is a CD ROM Caddy.

Rdave13, the HD is working.

Thank you

  T0SH 10:36 28 Apr 2013

I have worked on many ibm laptops and never yet found one that required any jumpers fitted to hard drives , since both drives are on differing ide channels they can both be device zero

I have came accross any number of fake ibm cd/dvd hard drive caddies that do not function ?

Fujitsu laptop drive jumper arrangement picture here


Cheers HC

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:39 28 Apr 2013

Hello, I purchased an ATA hard drive caddy for mt IBM t40 and I have been unable to have the hard drive recognice by windows XP.

I have tried several hard drives

So why are we now talking about a CD ROM Caddy?

A IDE hard drive will work in a IDE CD ROM caddy (just can't be screwed in firmly) exactly the same as a normal IDE HDD caddy.

Set the drive to master using the jumpers, attach power and IDE cables in caddy to the drive, power caddy and plug USB cable into PC or laptop.

Windows should immediately recognise and install drives for USB IDE bridge then drive should show in Disk management and if drive is formatted and has data should appear in My computer

IF windows is not showing drive then look in Device manager for exclamation marks against the USB device if these are OK then not showing in Disk management probably means the drive is not spinning up (can you feel it vibrating).

  wee eddie 12:50 28 Apr 2013

Just a thought: Is sufficient power getting through to the Hard Drive to get it to spin-up?

If the Caddy is USB Powered, a single connection, to an old style USB Port, may not deliver sufficient power

  caccy 13:41 28 Apr 2013

Do you have to turn a key or lock the caddy to power-up the drive? I fell for this one a case of RTFM!

  T0SH 19:34 30 Apr 2013

This link on Amazon is the type of caddy the guy is trying to use


But as I said earlier there are many more fake ones out there than real ones

Cheers HC

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:09 30 Apr 2013

OK understand now its a second drive in a CD drive bay,

Have you looked in device manager to see if the drive is showing there?

If you have fitted / removed the drive while the laptop is powered then you will have corrupted the drive but it should still show in device manager.

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