Hard drive caddy........

  topdraw 22:42 16 Apr 2003

Please can anyone advise me on where to find the best selection of hard drive caddies in the UK.
I have found the price's to high and selection to small.

Many thanks

  eccomputers 22:58 16 Apr 2003

try maplin

click here

But I suppose its what you call expensive. They do one here for £30.
One you start getting into fan cooling/dust filters then you are looking at £50 upwards.

Dust filters? Can dust get into a hard drive?

  Bagsey 22:58 16 Apr 2003

I have tried several over the years and have decided that those which I bought from MAPLINS whilst the most expensive were in fact good value as the quality of build was very good being all metal. They have certainly out lasted the other that I have used. They also sell the caddies seperatly from the wracks so you can aquire as many caddies as you like to fit into one wrack.

  sil_ver 22:58 16 Apr 2003

Have you checked out this lot click here

  MichelleC 08:07 17 Apr 2003

I got an external caddy for £50 from puter fair. It's plastic but sturdy, and very reliable.

  siouxah1 13:06 17 Apr 2003

Not many listed, but SCAN do one for £5.82 with cooling fan. I assume you need the type fitted to the case. That's the cheapest I have seen.

click here

Regards Brian j

  Tog 13:34 17 Apr 2003

Make sure you buy one that has a proper connector and doesn't use the HDD's own pins for connection. They're not designed for that use.

  rickf 14:02 17 Apr 2003

easyetraders got an icy rack with blue led for £17 today. Looks very nice.

  topdraw 21:27 17 Apr 2003

Thanks everyone for your efforts,
I am trying to get as many options as possible. Not cheap but not OTT, around £25-30 but would want metal tray, fan and caddy for that amount. I could find them in the States but not here.

Thanks a lot

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