Hard Drive Caddies

  Dirk Diggler 19:18 03 Sep 2004

Okay heres the deal.... I have a 60GB hard drive in my pc which is rapidly filling up now that I have joined the world of digital camcorders!!

My PC is still under warranty so i dont want to do any messing inside as this could invalidate the warranty

I have been looking at the option of an external hard drive but they seem to be twice the price of internal drives

So there appears to be another option. I have heard of a way wherby you can have an internal hard drive and put it in a "caddie" and then connect via USB.

So my questions to yee good folk is..

1) Are they any good
2) What are the advantages / disadvantages
3) Any problems or pitfalls I should watch out for?


  Bagsey 19:31 03 Sep 2004

I use them all of the time and have done so for about 6 years now and have nothing adverse to say about them. But buy good quality caddies. Maplins have a very good range which are mostly aluminium, very robust and have a cooling fan. The advantage as far as video work is concerned is that you can keep all of your video software away from anything that is likely to cause glitches. I say go for them.

  Bagsey 19:35 03 Sep 2004

Sorry I forgot to mention that you should check to make sure that you can get one into your case without it fouling the motherboard. My sons Mesh caused him some problems in that the back end of the caddy fouled a bit of gubbins (resister I think) on the motherboard.

  bremner 19:42 03 Sep 2004

I think Dirk is refering to an internal drive fitted into a USB caddy, rather than caddies which actually fit in 5.25inch bays.

The ones I have used have all been OK.

Things to check are:

They must have fans to cool the drive.

Drives such as 200 - 250GB may be physically too big for some caddies.

  wallbash 19:43 03 Sep 2004

Have known about them for years, really surprised that they were not more generally in-use.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 03 Sep 2004

If you have USB2 you can buy an external HDD case aprrox £30 and fit a spare HDD into that.

Running a 20g drive in one at momoment.

Also use one with win 2k laptop, the drive has win 95 and DOS progs so can boot from and run some old programs that aren't supported by 2k and XP.

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