hard drive cache

  karmgord 22:09 23 Aug 2008

with modern hard drives having 8 to 16mb cache does windows need to allocate memory to caching the hard drive?

  GaT7 22:56 23 Aug 2008

Don't quite understand the question fully.

If you're talking about the 'swap file' or virtual memory (vm), it's easiest to let the system decide what's best. Btw, this is irrespective of the the hard drive's built-in cache/buffer that's independent of virtual memory I think.

Or, manually set a vm figure that's equal to 1.5 times your system RAM. I wouldn't set it to more than 2Gb though, no matter how much system RAM you have. G

  woodchip 23:08 23 Aug 2008

Hard Drive Cach is so the Drive works faster, its nothing to do with using Virtual Memory

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:16 23 Aug 2008

read Disk Cache half way down he page
click here

  karmgord 13:32 24 Aug 2008

What I mean is, for example win98 you could class the machine as a network server and it would allocate more SYSTEM memory (not virtual)to caching hard drive data,with hard drives having their own large & fast cahes is it still nesessary to have the O.S allocate memory or do the two not relate to each other?

  DieSse 15:09 24 Aug 2008

Useful read - the software implementation section in particular.

click here

If you have LOTS of RAM, you could set up a virtual drive in RAM to hold your pagefile, temporary internet files, etc. viz

click here

As for your specific question - I'm not sure you can adjust it in standard versions of Win - maybe you can in server versions, where it would be more useful I suspect.

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