Hard drive C unbelievably full.

  montse 21:09 17 Feb 2010

My Acer Aspire hard drive is divided into two -C-= default - and D data, each with 30 GB. Drive C now shows 1.25 to 1.5 GB free, but it has been as low as 0.5Gb or less and I have been getting alarming warning messages. I have tried Disc Cleanup which helped a bit. I have examined my programmes and applications and am mystified as to how the drive is so full.Control Panel shows 62 programmes installed with total size of 2Gb. Admittedly not all of the applications are pictured. Hardly any programmes get into Megabytes range (Vista is the largest -30Mb.) Even Word does not seem to be a big user according to its Properties/Details. Most of my applications seem to use 1 -2 KB except for Documents and two small Photographs folders , but neither of these is large. Documents is largely letters, except for one large item of 980Kb - a book. I don't download music or films. There is a Microsoft Games folder with 64 preinstalled games - never used and no instructions for uninstalling! A rough check on total usage gets me nowhere near 30Gb.I switched a 3Gb download from Garmin to the previously entirely empty drive D, which initially helped a bit -though not with Garmin which insists on looking only at C! I have three questions: 1. Am I misreading the applications usage info? 2. Are there programmes using space that I cannot see? 3. Any suggestions on where all this space is going and what if anything I can do about it will be greatly appreciated. Montse

  Technotiger 21:19 17 Feb 2010

(Vista is the largest -30Mb.) ... ??? Vista needs 15Gb approximately.

  woodchip 21:45 17 Feb 2010

If your Computer is running okay otherwise. Turn off System Restore to clear all old Restore points then turn it back on to create a new one

  woodchip 21:47 17 Feb 2010

In Restore Settings set the Drive to about 7% of the drive this will stop it having too many restore points. Turn Restore off for D:\ you only need it for the OS drive

  MAT ALAN 21:51 17 Feb 2010

click here

run the prog in the link it will tell you exactly where your HDD space has gone and what has goned it...

  lotvic 01:34 18 Feb 2010

It's Vista and also the Restore Points that have used up the HDD space.

Vista on its own will take up half the drive (about 15GB)

  montse 06:47 18 Feb 2010

Reading the helpful comments -in particular from Technotiger (though consumer reviews of his suggested software are daunting!), Matalan and Lotvic, I am tempted to ask whether partitioning of this kind -into C and D -data -if indeed the division is not adjustable which no one has suggested - is unhelpful. Is it any longer found? Montse

  BT 08:17 18 Feb 2010

As seekit says run CCleaner.
Our desktop is set up for two users, me and the 'Boss'. I run CCleaner regularly on my bit, but she never bothers. I logged onto her bit the other day and ran CCleaner and recovered over 15GB of space on the C Drive. It was mostly comprised of temporary internet files, its surprising just how much space they take up.

  canarieslover 09:04 18 Feb 2010

As you say that the D: drive does not have much on it I would suggest that you MOVE your Document files to your D: drive. Instructions are here. click here
This will re-direct all your data saves to this drive as programs pick up the new location. DO NOT 'Cut and Paste' as that does not re-direct data saves. Your Documents icons will remain on the desktop but these are only shortcuts to the locations on D:.

  Technotiger 09:07 18 Feb 2010

How do you know the reviews you read are about me? There are loads of TT's if you Google - I never suggest anything that is remotely 'daunting'!

If you want to have control over your Partitions ...
click here

  montse 09:18 18 Feb 2010

Thanks to Canarieslover. Could I not instead repartition my hard disc, shrink D and transfer the apparently 16Gb thus set free to drive C?

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