Hard Drive Busted!

  Steve N 18:12 10 Apr 2003

I was messing around with my PC today trying to install a new Silent Drive Hard Drive enclosure to shut the noisey thing up. I wasn't having much luck and at the end of the day I realised that...

I had broke 2 of the pins on the IDE connector!!! :(

Does anyone know if you can get these replaced, and how much it may cost. I fear I may have to shell out on a new hard drive. Luckily I didn't have anything of importance on it!

The Drive is a Fujitsu 40.98GB 7200RPM Model No. MPG3409AH.

Any help much appreciated

  Simon_P 18:50 10 Apr 2003

I dont know if this cam be fixed, but HDD's are cheap enough these days, and probably your best option!

Around £90 for a Maxtor Diamond Max9 80 Gig

But less for a 40 Gig

Recomend Maxtor very good and very good aftersales service if you have a problem (unlickly)

click here and search "maxtor"

  Steve N 22:15 10 Apr 2003

Cheers for the info. Already well up on prices of components, i think that is gonna be my best option!

If i could get the drive fixed it would prob cost £30-50 anyway

  Ironman556 22:46 10 Apr 2003

If you're after a new drive I reccomend Seagate. Very quiet and good tech support. They also supply all the utils you could need for download on their site.

  Steve N 23:18 10 Apr 2003

Yeah I am looking for a high performance quiet hard drive. Seagate do quiet but not quite so high performance. Where as MAxtor Plus 9 & IBM/Hitachi Deskstar 180GXP are fast but with a slight noise penalty.

I am considering upgrading my motherboard now too. I know the Athlon 64 will come out in September but will be too higher priced for me so am considering gettin a motherboard for the Athlon XP 3200+ with Serial ATA and buying into the future.... Although the new P4 are looking more atractive as the clocks rise rapidly.

  Simon_P 19:17 11 Apr 2003

I can only speak from my experience, and find that the drive noise is slight. (less than processor fan)

The drive is a maxtor Diomond max plus D740X ATA133 6L040j2, although this is now almost a year old!(almost a relic in PC terms) dont expect that newer drives are any louder.

Good luck with the serial ata mobo and drive, I would be intrested to hear what they are like!

  The Sack 19:25 11 Apr 2003

click here for a Maxtor IDE ATA-133 80GB 7200RPM
DiamondMax Plus 9 for £64 inc. VAT

  Paranoid Android 20:15 11 Apr 2003

Ah, the old 'bust something so you can buy a new motherboard' ploy.

Very clever, but I see through your cunning scheme.


  AMD 4 ever 20:30 11 Apr 2003

lost me mate.

  Steve N 20:37 11 Apr 2003

Nice idea with the ploy Android.

I wish I had the money to 'accidentally on purpose' break things! I wasted a day scratching my head!

I have been looking up about the XP 3200+ which is likely to use 400Mhz FSB. No motherboards support this yet so it brings me in line to upgrade june/july time. when i get my new job!

Hopefully the NV35 will be out then too..... but i ain't the sort to throw away precious wages!

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